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The simple wraps were one of the defining foods of my childhood.
Used between independent clauses, it indicates only that a relation exists between them without defining that relation.
The chair is novel if no other patent mentions each of its defining aspects: having four legs and a swivel function.
Yet its defining feature remains its breathtaking setting.
One way of defining modern art, or anything really, is describing what it is not.
It had some of the defining characteristics of a human being.
Watching the speech today shows how sophisticated politicians have become at defining an image.
Hair is a defining feature of mammals, as feathers are to birds.
But defining recovery in a place so deeply altered is a complicated proposition.
From my recollection the ability to breed is the primary and defining characteristic of a breed.
Whatever is the defining idea of the next decade, it ought to be free.
Defining the question in absolute terms does little other than identify the questioner as a sloppy thinker.
Of course defining heroism is made tougher by how loosely the term is used.
Some colleges have objected, wanting more flexibility in defining their educational missions.
His ideas aim to reconceive the boundaries defining discipline and authorship.
The field will become self-censoring, defining competency in terms of one's political perspective.
Defining a standard experience on nonstandard devices.
The best designs will set the stage but stop short of fully defining the experience.
But when they come, it'll likely be a defining moment for urban surveillance.
Almost by default language became the defining characteristic of nationality.
While tablets have scores of uses, e-books have so far held their own as defining attractions in the digital era.
Laws and regulations defining new federal crimes are multiplying at an astonishing rate.
The defining theme in this literature isn't finding the dream guy or landing the great job but precisely the opposite.
But anti-Semitism wasn't, as some critics would have it, his defining characteristic.
They came up with nine categories, defining the best players who are not in the six power conferences.
The scientific method is spectacularly important to progress in that it is defining reliable facts about how this universe works.
Their view of its defining features: an intense daily yearning and preoccupation with the deceased.
However, defining biofuel strictly as ethanol is a big mistake, albeit an honest one.
Throughout history people have prized cocoa-the defining ingredient of chocolate-a tradition that endures in our modern era.
We still take this as one of the defining characteristics of a galaxy: its visible light comes primarily from stars.
The defining characteristic is pervasive instability in the patient's life, especially in relationships.
Multi-year events are not rare in themselves, and are often a defining attribute of droughts.
Most of us don't consider childbirth to be the defining moment of our lives.
Time plays a variety of roles in physics, from defining causal sequences to giving a direction to the unfolding of the universe.
We can complete the outline of our program by deciding on the representation of positions and moves and defining four functions.
Only scientists of grown age are presently defining it from empirical data.
The idea of free will is complicated further by its inescapably subjective nature and the difficulty of defining it precisely.
Such language is seen as important in defining a widespread shift of the world economy away from fossil fuels.
When defining the poor proved tricky, this was dropped in favour of blanket transfers to any family that applied for them.
She made no systematic attempt to reveal wrongdoing to internal or external authorities, the defining action of a whistleblower.
Globalisation will be a defining theme for the industry in the coming years, and a critical source of growth.
Defining sustainability vexes hydrologists too, particularly with ancient fossil aquifers that will inevitably run dry eventually.
The benches were crammed for the defining speech of the year-possibly the defining event of the coalition's entire time in office.
Then, as now, the administration had some trouble defining the enemy.
Certainly, tools have always played a big part in defining human nature.
The sustained efforts by radicals set process in motion, which is now entering a defining and more sinister phase.
The rise in the proportion of the world's old will be the century's defining demographic trend.
The government is defining more clearly how it will use the surplus.
The plans set out in the post-election budget for the next parliament will be a defining moment for any new government.
To walk into the church while lunch is going on is to enter one of the city's defining public spaces.
Her dying was the defining moment of my life and it overshadowed everything else about her.
Its defining characteristic is an aversion to cliché.
The violence and hatred unleashed were the defining debacle of the decade.
But they imbued it with a defining warmth and structure.
Stein's habitual attempt to be bright is a defining characteristic of her life and her art.
T he automobile is the defining technological artifact of the twentieth century.
If defining consciousness is difficult, defining spirituality or spirit is virtually impossible and cannot be scientific.
Although the boat has evolved--it's now in its fifth generation--its great balance remains its defining feature.
The cloud-computing platform providers themselves are still defining their cloud's technical personalities.
The system helps them by defining some of the words in the phrase.
The manual tagging of pages has to be incredibly valuable for defining the meaning of a page.
The automobile is the defining technological artifact of the twentieth century.
There is no defining equations for the dimension of time ans space.
Defining things is a natural impulse, but it often doesn't fit the natural world.
It seems that for this purpose you are defining brown dwarfs as stars.
Every scientific discipline has its defining challenges, the ones that mark the field's outer limits.
Nailing down a definition will probably be as contentious as defining a planet.
Instead, the defining event of our time could well be economic malaise.
The problem of defining species is evidence in favor of evolution.
They left a lot of scent marks there, defining their territory.
Weather becomes a defining moment in any large-scale event.
The music's impact on pop culture was defining at the time and remains relevant.
Far more often, however, graduates regard it as the defining experience of their lives.
The story, however, continued to be shaped by three defining elements.
But defining our general purposes in that way is no simple matter.
But perhaps even more importantly, defining a more moderate and limited strategy gives him leverage over his own generals.
The essential thing about languages, their defining trait, is their structure.
There is a well-known parallel problem in defining randomness.
First, an obsession with combinatorial grammar is not a defining feature of rationalism in its debate with empiricism.
The reader himself will become a sort of cousin of the blood as the defining names appear again and again.
The two defining decisions of his campaign make this obvious.
Every successful social movement has its defining images.
Demanding satisfaction right this instant, on the other hand, is a defining behavior of seven-year-olds.

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