defiant in a sentence

Example sentences for defiant

He sounds by turns defiant and wounded as he recounts the events leading to this pivotal juncture.
But it's not just defiant acts that can get you tossed into a foreign jail.
In the next few minutes, he appeared at various times deflated, defiant and disconcerted.
Good design can also be deeply defiant of existing systems.
Immense, defiant, breathless she stands there.
He wore dark glasses on stage and looked defiant.
His walk was jaunty and his manner defiant.
Her husband, usually stoic and straight-laced by comparison, was just as defiant.
It stands alone, defiant and a little humble.
There was no respite for her but she still stood defiant.
Ever defiant, he bragged to his sisters and friends that his troubles had increased both his sales and his prices.
She gives him a sad and defiant look when he notices it.
Time, surely, to put social inclusion before defiant decadence.
He remained defiant throughout, refusing to recognise the legitimacy of the court and walking out after only a brief attendance.
Other governments in the region are equally defiant.
Behind their smiling defiant fa├žade, is a nasty undercurrent of anti-Western aggression.
He was rude and defiant at home, and often verbally abusive to family members.
She came off as unapologetic and defiant, apologizing only belatedly for each infraction.
He took a country in chaos and remade it in his own image: tough, aggrieved, defiant.
They struck defiant poses on the shattered ramparts.
But the tone of the speech was not defiant or angry, or celebratory, for that matter.

Famous quotes containing the word defiant

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