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Countries have their own peculiar accounting system for defense spending.
When a bacterium enters the body, the first line of defense it encounters is the innate immune system.
Because the prairie dog defense system is so good, predators frequently fail and must look elsewhere for dinner.
The real surprise came on the other side of the ball: a defense that finally showed it can take charge of a game.
They have different origins and functions, and serve essential roles in plant growth, defense and reproduction.
He was charged with retaining national defense information.
Sometimes the best defense isn't a good offense-it's a good diet.
US defense department has some explaining over why they expose their citizens to health risk.
Wherever you garden, the best defense against cold damage is to choose trees and shrubs that are hardy in your climate zone.
Both statesman and soldier, his name can represent the diplomatic as well as military aspect of defense policy.
The best defense against any tsunami is early warning that allows people to seek higher ground.
Whatever your garden's size or style, good plant health is your first line of defense against potential problems of any kind.
Most countries would say that they need this fighter for their defense against their neighbours.
Musk-oxen show how they protect their own with a group defense.
In the case of malaria, however, that defense mechanism may backfire.
Hand pulling or hoeing is your first line of defense against weeds, especially annual and biennial kinds.
Exhibiting its main defense mechanism, a millipede curls into a tight spiral.
Well, this isn't going to be a defense strategy paper.
It does this by injecting toxins into defense cells such as macrophages that are tasked with detecting bacterial infections.
Defense contractors are notorious for bleeding the department of defense.
National defense is important but maybe are best defense isn't more missiles.
The state is good at police work, defense and providing courts and should stick with its comparative advantage.
Faced with so many predators, group defense may well be the best strategy for snakes.
Full-bore federal-subsidised research on missile defense.
Generally, none of this matters if your defense and graduation are within weeks of each other.
Completion of coursework, comps, and proposal defense.
Last week, at a defense trade show, the two firms showed off the results of their joint venture.
Her defense was that she didn't read the footnotes so it was ridiculous to think she would have noticed her own instructor's name.
The defense at our grad school was a celebration in any case of a successful doctoral program of research and writing.
If a population is homogeneous, then it can only present a single uniform defense against this stress.
As other commenters have pointed out, the best defense is offense.
No defense budget could ever match nature's resources.
Their attempts to mount any real defense were hopeless.
What your mentors don't tell you is that the defense is not the culmination of some big project.
There is no rule that a program has to be larger than defense to be cut.
Physical defense of the motherland being case in the point.
The chin developed as a defense against being punched in the mouth.
We will stand mighty for peace and freedom, and maintain a strong defense against terror and destruction.
We have made progress in restoring our defense capability.
Peace can be contributed to by respect for our ability in defense.
Anchoring the defense only on certain occasions would not do, either.
But the second was more about great defense than bad offense.
And it's much harder to travel back for your defense.
It may be slander, but truth is a defense to slander.
National defense and mosquito control are standard examples of public goods.
The procrastination is a distorted defense, avoiding evaluation, especially avoiding anything less than perfection.
Outsourcing the tasks of national defense is logical, efficient, and effective.
It's a market niche that is intimately connected to defense and highly sensitive matters.
We should devote the money spent on corporate welfare, and the bloated defense budget, toward education and health care.
The best defense against a hurricane is an accurate forecast that gives people time to get out of its way.
The stingray's tail features a poisonous barb, which is used only in self-defense.
But there's an important backstory: national defense.
The scorpionfish also has poisonous spines used in defense.
It's also possible that early humans killed the lion out of self-defense.
Earlier theories had suggested the tower provided defense or flood control.
The best defense against the creepy, crawly, jumping team of vegetable destroyers plants begins with your own two hands.
The next line of defense for the body is to encapsulate those toxins in fatty tissue.
Other suggested uses ranged from fruit peeling to territorial defense.
Before compact fluorescent light bulbs and ethanol, the first line of defense against global warming was planting trees.
They also suggested that the first turtles lived on land, where a shield is a useful defense for a slow-footed creature.
Installing a traditional form of insulation would be the first defense.
The first line of defense against others is camouflage, subterfuge and lying.
After contact, many natives lost their lives to influenza and other diseases to which they had no natural defense.
Deniability was a defense she mastered long before the word was coined.
One coevolutionary partner-a prey species, for instance-evolves a new defense.
Now natural selection favors variations in the predator that allow it to overcome that defense.
If a virus enters my body, in it's defense, my body will create a hostel environment by increasing my the body's temperature.
The need to precisely split the beam and use it to cancel itself means it won't work for defense or screening.
If the defense cuts proved beneficial and successful, they could claim credit.
It's also a good defense against alien critters lurking in your home, place of business, or whatever.
It's amazing how a great defense changes one's perception of a quarterback's performance.
When the same computer returns, the defense software knows and can respond appropriately.
Releasing the drug close to a cancer cell's nucleus appears to protect it from the cell's self-defense mechanism.
But finding the cells behind this defense mechanism in order to study and perhaps even mimic them has proved quite the challenge.
Today's smart phones have multiple layers of defense.
No wonder these people have no other defense but name calling, outburst of anger and hatred, intimidation and even blackmailing.
Some of jurisprudence's bold-faced names think it's a solid defense.
Among the measures enacted: wage cuts, government-employee layoffs, and slashed defense spending.
But their celebrity is no measure of defense when it comes to vicious breakups-on the contrary.
Half of this collective is involved in self-defense.
Tamar's treatment by the defense and the press during that time wounds her to this day.
But his defense of his play is as flawed as the play itself.
Fortunately, the ants possess a potent defense against this fungal weed that usually prevents its proliferation.
There is no better defense and demonstration of democracy.
The differences on defense and special teams are less distinguishable.
The prosecutors' decision also took defense lawyers by surprise.
The more she is attacked and belittled, the more they rally to her defense.

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