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Sure, the product's quality is graded, but nothing is done about defective understanding as the student is pushed down the line.
Personalized items cannot be returned unless damaged or defective.
The defective tube could then be retrofitted back at the plant.
The company voluntarily withdrew all bottles with defective gas.
They are humans without emotion or conscience- they are truly defective.
How likely is it that those that chose to participate were mentally defective.
Let them and their defective gene pool perish if that's their wish.
Makers expect this and include ample additional sectors to replace the defective ones.
But the researchers found that white blood cells produced in response to the vaccine were defective.
We can only refund shipping costs if the return is a result of our error or defective goods.
They told me my phone was defective and that of course it was not the network.
Defective apparel must be discarded, reworked or sold at a discount.
They are not defective in their patriotism or lacking a generous spirit toward their fellow citizens.
Fine workers a year's salary if a product they produced comes back defective.
It is not alleged that the defendants charge excessive rates, or supply defective accommodations.
The implication of this diagnosis is that something internal is defective.
The blaze started in a defective flue, and there being no fire apparatus available it was soon consumed.
Hint, nobody will take you seriously when you have such utterly defective information.
The origin is not known, but it is thought that a defective electric wire may have caused the blaze.
When one is defective, you ask how to change the process.
The cement they used to build the place is defective, so chunks of walls are falling.
The team then examined mice that had aged normally and found their stem cells were similarly defective.
Defective parts had been mixed in with new ones thus presenting an extra challenge to the students.
The gun had a defective firing pin that left an unmistakable mark on the rim of each shell.
For each outsider's story of a defective test, the insiders have a story of their own.
The objection was raised by the customs authorities that the certificates were defective.
Farley, he wrote, hadn't made any allegation that the gun was defective.
In particular, she says, they're wary of products that would be difficult to recall should they prove defective.
When layered directly on top of one another, the result is a cracked crystal and defective transistors.
But delays and defective parts followed, and then a blown summer release date.
Not too long ago, several people died because their suspected-defective pacemakers were not swapped out due to that risk.
But even those data which are provided not infrequently turn out to be defective.
But much of the machinery of democracy is missing or defective.
He knew he was selling defective products as such he is not allowed to sell them by law, yet he did and got away with it.
Regarding the former our information is sadly defective.
If it be necessary to change government, let us change that government which has been found to be defective.
But the scheme of colonization was defective in more than one vital particular.
The simple governments are fundamentally defective, to say no worse of them.
They are, indeed, too often defective in this tolerable knowledge.
If any one gene is altered by a mutation, the enzyme for which it's responsible may be defective or absent.
But you also get hens with defective feathers and wobbly legs.
But these channels are now so defective that they start letting in positively charged calcium ions.
They have a defective layer and are prone to rupture and bleed.
And even if that screening were possible, there's no way to repair defective embryos.
Those who inherit only one copy of the defective gene may respond well to diet changes combined with statin drugs.
But in plants in which one of the molecules responsible for the movement was defective, the chloroplasts stayed where they were.
While our species was culturally and socially developing, there was a natural mechanism to weed out those that were defective.
Now mounting evidence suggests that many of these defective genes fall along a brain pathway where key neural connections develop.
Those who's bodies do not naturally conform well to this artificial construct are termed to be defective.
But anytime it encountered defective cases, the machine would drop them, causing thousands of dollars in damage.
We have encountered a number of defective license plates in which the protective coating has the potential to wear prematurely.
Additional deaths have occurred due to faulty or defective crib hardware.
One of the needles was defective, but the others you really could thread with eyes closed.

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