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Example sentences for defection

Some of this is self-correcting, as in the case of my own defection.
But it also led to a nearly complete defection of all the participants to the punishing group.
In the game, cooperation and defection result in differing payoffs depending on what the other participants do.
Because of her previous views, each swing of her pendulum was akin to a celebrated defection to an enemy camp.
The primary origin of moral instincts is the dynamic relation between cooperation and defection.
Even now none of the ballplayers believes a sports agent had selected them for defection and arranged their transport.
Nor has the firm been helped by the defection of some of its top talent to rival arbitrageurs.
Most probably the flight that killed him was a bold attempt at defection.
In effect, people have been told that defection is the proper thing to do.
Defection could, indeed, signal a lack of professional fitness.
Her family and community, however, were skeptical of her defection to the synagogue.
Low-cost laptop program sees a key leadership defection.

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