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There could be a manufacturing defect or flawed design, or the part may have been installed improperly, he noted.
The defect prevents the body from eliminating ammonia, a toxic breakdown product of protein metabolism.
Ventricular septal defect describes one or more holes in the wall that separates the right and left ventricles of the heart.
He is an engineer and does structural defect investigations and is out in the sun a lot.
To him, every mental illness stemmed from a physical defect in the brain.
They have myriad difficulties based upon what amounts to a physical defect.
And some elected opposition candidates are already thought eager to defect.
It borders on mental illness or intellectual defect.
Without treatment, the defect is usually fatal within the first several days of life.
How idiotic to still cling to the outdated argument that if they don't make tens of millions of year they'll defect.
There is no proof for a genetic defect as cause for mental problems.
The company has not acknowledged a manufacturing defect.
And it is the first time that foods will be fortified to prevent a birth defect.
The fatal defect of paternalistic happiness research is revealed in your own articles.
But when there is a defect in the program or hardware, then all the results the computer spews out tend to be wrong.
The uterus would come from a live donor and go to someone who is missing a uterus due to a birth defect or surgery.
Solid definition of test processes including experience using industry standard defect tracking and source control systems.
Scientists believe a defect in chloride traffic leads to many of the symptoms of the disease.
In all cases where there is an eye defect, the speed of the movement of the rays indicates the severity of the defect.
Each defect is measured and logged for the systematic hunting down of quality problems.
The defect in this entire thing is so philosophical.
And in spite of the limitations of a given technology, they turn it around so that each defect becomes a positive quality.
It suffices to know that indiscretion, in a position of such difficulty and delicacy, is a capital defect.
Help me get rid of it if there is a defect in this thinking.
Indeed, the presence of those signs stands out in the book as almost a defect.
People with this defect tend to suffer from heart attacks in their thirties.
The warranty company will send in someone else to fix any defect.
They need to find out what she has and breed cats with the same defect.
They also defect winds high into the jet stream where they get ripped off and carried away.
But as his power grew, jealous rivals began to defect from his cause.
Due to a birth defect, my left kidney was enlarged and obstructed in two places.
In addition to being immune-deficient, the mice also carried a genetic defect that leads to production of a liver toxin.
So far, the team have created successful virtual constructs, such as for a defect resulting from a gun-shot injury.
Common wine defect caused by excess production of acetic acid, resulting in a vinegary smell.
In cars, as in laptops, the cause could be a manufacturing defect or an overcharge.
If not, he should defect and reduce his sentence from five to three years.
Performance evaluations emphasize a zero-defect mentality, meaning that risk-avoidance trickles down the chain of command.
Being the random targets of a genetic defect should neither ennoble nor diminish these people.
It can't be any inherent defect in the people: outside this culture they thrive.
Partly because of his speech defect, he decided to go into the church and live a somewhat reclusive life in the country.
Their defect is that they don't serve up red meat or conform to the cultural cues that a segment of the base demands.
It's so uncomfortable that this usability defect would likely have sunk the prospects of the first typewriter.
Unlike metal implants, the new synthetic bone is defect free, poses little risk of infection and doesn't need to be removed.
Scientists have traced chronic pain to a defect in one enzyme in a single region of the brain.
You've got a defect that creates a space through which ions can leak.
Ideally, the electrodes will pinpoint the neural defect triggering his seizures so that the defect can be surgically removed.
The defect is not a failure of reason--as a logician the home computer is almost flawless--but an absence of motives.
If the defect is on the detector, it will be in perfect focus.
Food recalls can happen in a variety of ways, depending on the severity of the defect and how it was discovered.

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