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They were a defeated nation so they had to overcome a devastation of the spirit.
Often armies are defeated not by brilliant generals, but by disease-carrying insects.
When you work to backup your premise you have already defeated scientific method.
It's already been tried and was soundly defeated by the entire world.
She was profoundly sad, almost unable to move, defeated by years of crack addiction.
Simply because the laws of nature cannot be defeated.
There is nothing for them to do in the camps, and they seem defeated.
The nervous, defeated-looked candidates plod on, reciting their speeches.
It's as if the enemy can be defeated by sheer hotness.
The game continues until the castle is defeated or until all the monsters have been killed.
One general comment on all these invisibility cloaks is that unfortunately they are all easily defeated.
Genetics research promises new insight into mechanisms by which the malaria parasite operates and might be defeated.
Both were expected to be defeated on mostly party line votes.
He insisted on driving, though his weakness and tremor defeated the mechanics of the right-hand turn.
The motion picture is a great industry as well as a defeated art.
Defeated, the company agreed to a lifting of the injunction.
It seems likely that its resolutions will be defeated.
And, so long as it enjoys safe havens across the border, the insurgency will never be wholly defeated.
We may be personally defeated, but our principles never.
The second caveat is that aging won't be totally defeated by the initial versions of this technology.
When the mice are given access to a machine that lets them administer cocaine to themselves, the defeated mice take more of it.
Truth is easily defeated, because it is honest and careful.
Most of them were defeated by stronger or more obnoxious competing civilizations.
No one leaves willingly-everyone is eventually defeated or dies in office.
More often, foot soldiers defeated the charge by moving out of the way of the horses or by occupying strong defensive positions.
What counts is how the outcome is experienced: as the triumph of the freedom fighter or as the consolation for the defeated.
By the end of the day, the federal troops were almost defeated.
The office administers the annual school budget process and the defeated school budget process.
Hood had not defeated them, but he had kept them away from the city.

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