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Reservations for salmon angling and deer hunting are gobbled up long before those seasons are under way.
It probably also helps to grow big enough to get beyond the reach of browsing deer.
We should probably do something about it rather than curse the deer for their existence.
Besides, at the time there was also growing concern that showing a tiger chasing a deer might be a bad idea.
When you garden in deer country, growing vegetables can be a real challenge.
They also eat such wildlife as deer and quail and feast on the eggs of endangered sea turtles.
Effective deer fences must be tall, and can be beautiful.
Furthermore, during the ecological pulses deer mice populations surged.
They know it will be the island's plentiful white-tailed deer.
The largest member of the deer family provides drag noticeable even on an industrial winch.
Even the authors believed salmon would be an alternative prey, reserved for times when deer were scarce.
Bigger than coyotes but smaller than wolves, their howl is high-pitched and their diet includes deer and small rodents.
Only types with small leaves tend to be deer resistant.
Kinda got that deer in the headlights thing going, too.
It opens into a vegetable garden that is enclosed by a wire mesh deer fence.
Flowers, are other leafy plants are food items to deer.
Now, nearly two years after the redesign, the oak is recovering nicely and the resident deer are coexisting with the plants.
Might want to shoot that deer from farther away and the police are always looking for more stopping power.
Deer don't usually browse them, but the plants are subject to a number of pests and diseases.
If you live in deer country, that may be the biggest draw of all.
Deer hunters found more than whitetails in the woods this season, the authorities said.
It is not uncommon for a deer or two to be seen walking around town.
Lots of trucks parked in diner parking lots with dead deer in the bed or strapped across the hood.
Tiny deer mice have a taste for the seeds of the lupines.
It's been a strange trip, filled with animatronic sharks and mounted deer heads enjoying a cold one.
The car is fine except where the deer have struck it.
In the summer the bear and deer and other mammals feed on the shrubs.
The change could affect livestock and other grazers-certainly the deer and the antelope will have fewer places to play.
It's easy to recognize larger pests, such as deer and rabbits--but it's not so simple with the smaller ones.
Deer and other wild animals drinking that water became sick and died.
The leopards prey on such animals as small deer and wild pigs.
Or maybe you see an expanse of cedars bearing a snowfall, deer perusing the bark, and nuthatches hanging from a limb.
Or it will start as an elephant and then turn into a deer.
As for methane, if you eliminate cattle, you increase deer and elk.
Emma's group did a study of the attraction white-tailed deer have for sweetness.
Meet a menagerie of remote-controlled zombie decoys including robotic deer, coyote.
Because they're crippled, or too old and enfeebled to pursue deer, boars and other wildlife.
The transplanted wolf is killing the new born calves of deer, elk, and moose.
Wild turkeys, hummingbirds, deer and rabbits have replaced crammed-in row houses.
Human beings, unlike deer, can eat almost anything and live at almost any level they choose.
They netted diverse fish, captured them in weirs, and caught them on fishhooks carved from deer antlers.
The mesh, measuring two inches across, is far too delicate for hunting deer or other large prey.
Snakes will swallow porcupines with their quills, deer with their antlers, and goats with their horns.
These social animals cooperate on their preferred prey-large animals such as deer, elk, and moose.
His team found a wall painting-which depicts a deer caught in a net-after discovering a staircase leading up to a hidden altar.
Information on deer migratory patterns during a typical year.
Deer may be enticed to remain in an area that doesn't provide good winter habitat.
All the seasonal regulation information needed for fall deer hunting.
Buy your annual hunting license and deer permit early.
There must be deer in the area or you wouldn't have picked it in the first place.
Deer management goals can be maintained statewide, even in high developed, suburban areas.

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