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Some voters were deeply conflicted on which way to turn after two solid years of campaigning.
Plant in full sun, and water deeply only occasionally once established.
With deeply-profiled panel members, studies can be conducted with an extensive range of specific target segments.
After true leaves appear, water plants deeply once a week.
Water plants deeply and regularly for the first two years.
The petals usually overlap and are often indented at the apex, sometimes so deeply that each flower appears to have ten parts.
Leaves range from simple ovals to deeply lobed and finely dissected shapes.
Water deeply at planting time, then frequently thereafter until they are established.
If you're considering planting lawn in a deeply shaded area, think first about alternatives.
Defects such as a deeply caved top and gummy, dense texture are serious.
In low-rainfall regions, water thoroughly and deeply to help leach the salt below the plants' root zone.
Some chemists have suggested that wine is a virtually tasteless liquid that happens to be deeply fragrant.
Water deeply before you pull mature weeds so that taproots come out more easily.
We're discovering something that's deeply rooted in other parts of the wine world.
Cover the seeds with the proper amount of prepared mix, taking care not to cover them too deeply.
As a final touch, sprinkle some fresh thyme leaves over this deeply flavored dish.
Use various shades of the same color, from barely tinted to deeply saturated, for richness.
Close my eyes, breathe in deeply with my hands to your nose, ah fall indeed.
They are too deeply rooted in the principles of our national life to be altered.
But he was rooted too deeply in the age of emotionalism and rhetoric.
The motor root arises from a nucleus which lies deeply in the reticular formation of the lower part of the pons.
Stooping, holding their silver lamp above us, long they look and deeply.
We are deeply disappointed in the poor level of journalism represented by this piece.
But economists are in fact deeply divided about how well, or indeed whether, such stimulus works.
He was deeply proud of his country but his beliefs were deeply flawed.
Fashion of any sort is, by definition, deeply committed to built-in obsolescence.
He also cared deeply about making the system more resilient.
Some philosophers today are doing more than thinking deeply.
Many participants are so deeply entrenched in their point of view they don't discuss they argue.
The new iteration, launched this week, follows up on that basic data set by probing galaxy structure more deeply.
The light, tender crust provides a sublime foil for the deeply flavorful fruit.
Not all potato gratins have to be creamy to be deeply satisfying.
It's also delicious, even more deeply flavored than the usual stuff.
The forecast calls for a stretch of deeply frozen nights.
Something deeply atavistic draws us to the kitchen in search of security, company, and the promise of dinner.
He had loved her deeply, she said, but he had few friends.
But she looked deeply at him, gave a great belch, and was dead.
They had a flat top shell, a deeply cupped bottom, and a lovely blue-green tinge.
The housing market will boil down to two sets of homeowners: those deeply underwater and those with ultra-low interest rates.
Higher education has failed miserably at teaching students to deeply and effectively collaborate in order to innovate.
The distinctive, deeply wrinkled outer surface is the cerebral cortex, which consists of gray matter.
But the commercial deposits lie deeply buried, often beneath layers of shifting salt that are prone to undersea earthquakes.
Soccer spawns deeply rooted rivalries and fan violence.
The courtship dance of the waved albatross is deeply moving.
And no species is more intricately and deeply social than humans are.
The juxtaposition of the barbed wired and the message of freedom struck me deeply.
He rode home, but the singing had so deeply touched his heart, that every day he went out into the forest and listened to it.
The tallest pyramid at the site not only has looters' trenches but was deeply penetrated by a series of tunnels.
Conservationists are deeply concerned for the fish's future.
It is no secret that the sensitive grammarian leads a deeply troubled life.
He also purchased from his own deeply skeptical party eighteen months of political forbearance.
Rather than pulling us forward, a poem drives us more deeply into the page.
It's an extraordinary book-gripping, deeply moving, encyclopedic.
She's deeply interested in people whose lives are quite unlike hers.
The author has two many flasks on too many burners, but this is a deeply felt and often well-realized work.
The years it took to write these songs are evident in their deeply refined form.
She seemed fractured and lost as an outsider in the movie business, after so many years of being deeply inside.
There's something deeply appealing about brain scans.
Their explanation involved an elegant model with deeply counterintuitive implications.
Computations and simulations have been deeply entrenched in automotive design for years.
Smell is a powerful and evocative sense yet also a deeply enigmatic one.
Yawn contagion reflects the power of unconscious synchrony, which is as deeply ingrained in us as in many other animals.
In the same vein, another study found that heavy smokers inhale more deeply when faced with these warnings.
The scientists' artwork draws out unexpected and often deeply personal details.
He was deeply involved in writing it, revising it, and deciding how to get it to the president.
Sometimes reading a single sentence on an unfamiliar subject would inspire us to delve deeply into its mysteries.
We were taken to see their few hundred elephants by some people who cared deeply about them.
The president was deeply preoccupied, and at times incapacitated by self-pity or alcohol.
He was also deeply despised by nearly everyone who worked for him.
But he was a complex personality, and deeply humane.
He seemed deeply oppressed and concerned at the prospect of indefinite escalation.
The fall of a democracy is always a deeply distressing event.
There is no reason to delve so deeply for such an explanation.
She has discovered in herself, deeply buried and for many years unnoticed, a visceral revulsion.
Fisher survived his ordeal, but was deeply saddened that he failed to honor his friend's dying wish.
Perhaps vampires affect us so deeply because they fit so many metaphors.
They believed deeply that even a private collection should be accessible to the public.
Humans are deeply social creatures, after all, so it seems logical that good social relations should improve our lives.
The resulting deeply purple fruit promoted longer lives when fed to laboratory mice.
The neighborhood has been deeply affected by that horrific act of cowardice.
Deeply critical of contemporary literature, he held posts at various literary journals and discussed plans to start his own.
His piercing eyes were set in a deeply creased, mahogany face.
If you could please advise me on the growing conditions in my area along with how to purchase them it would be deeply appreciated.
The idea that we're running out of energy is deeply ingrained.
The simian parts of us understand deeply and intuitively.
Even then, tumor cells may remain deeply lodged, replicating and spreading quickly through healthy brain tissue.
Second, behind companies with well-designed products are leaders who care deeply about design.
Suddenly his voice turns defiant and he's scowling deeply.
Others see potential in using electricity to heat deeply buried bitumen.
Ultrasound can go deeply enough into the body to image human embryos, but it's low resolution.
Some educators must deeply sleep until needed in each journey.
But the next version of the software, due out in a couple of months, will help users dig more deeply into this data.
For this reason, our military is already deeply engaged in evaluating lessons learned so far and figuring out how to change.
If not, you should put your mouth on the tailpipe of an idling bus and breathe deeply.
Again, a deeply symbolic conflict, an emotional and ideological division in the country.
As reliable as the familiar trailing container plants, these cultivars have the added bonus of a deeply cut lacy texture.

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