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If the top layer is damp and the rest is dry, you need to water longer to ensure deeper penetration.
The larger the plant's root system the deeper and wider the container should be.
Then, over time, increase the depth of the water and decrease the frequency to encourage a deeper root system and stronger tree.
All dig you deeper into the art and craft of horticulture.
Because they recede they make a shallow space seem deeper.
It can also be a natural springboard to developing a deeper interest in our own communities and history.
In general, deeper earthquakes are less damaging because their energy dissipates before it reaches the surface.
And the smaller the community, the deeper the connection.
As the ground becomes warmer, the active layer becomes deeper, which means that the bushes can become taller.
As his health problems were complicated by his drug habits, he sank ever deeper into depression.
Yet you do offer a view that makes us all think deeper.
Low hanging fruit from a guy who should have the experience and intelligence to dig deeper.
Living here is different from visiting as people get to know us and form deeper relationships.
No one digs deeper in this huge area than it takes to plant rice or corn.
Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
Consequently he who molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or pronounces decisions.
Consequently, he who moulds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or pronounces decisions.
Their efferents accompany the basilic vein and join the deeper vessels.
The tin soldier stood up to his neck in water, and the boat sank deeper and deeper.
He took them for granted, without comment, and went deeper.
All were attempts to find a deeper, more meaningful path to personal illumination.
Patterson recognized that shallow-water petroleum reserves were running dry and that drilling in deeper water would be costly.
Seafloor is made of a denser rock called basalt, which presses deeper into the mantle, producing basins that can fill with water.
Come back in a thousand years, and the canyon will be a few inches deeper.
It won't be-not as long as deeper abysses call out to be explored.
The boat's drill spun deeper and deeper into the ocean floor.
As the planet warms, look for more floods where it's already wet and deeper drought where water is scarce.
The results show that the fault zone has four secondary faults that may connect to a deeper and older part of the fault system.
Mutant hitchhikers may become a major hurdle in the quest to send humans deeper into the galaxy, scientists say.
Dark-skinned people produce more numerous and deeper-colored melanin particles.
Leatherback sea turtles dive deeper than any other species of sea turtle.
The movements have managers worried that the ship could slide into deeper waters, carrying rescue teams along with it.
Another theory is that the proteins provide algae-the main food of many coral species-with light to grow in deeper, darker waters.
Dig deeper, and discover the fascinating crystal structures of these minerals.
Soon we'll stop to bushwhack our way deeper into the forest to hunt for duiker, a type of small antelope.
But the presumed fabulous treasure in the deeper water was beyond their reach.
They'd barely gotten home before a second team went deeper.
Porcupine quills are barbed, and tend to work their way deeper into flesh over time if not extracted.
Sponges evolved in shallow ocean basins, because the deeper seas did not yet contain oxygen, a necessity for almost all life.
It swims away from the reef, back into deeper water.
Older bones found deeper in the caves are stranger and much smaller.
The downside: by going deeper it will take another two months.
Blood vessels in deeper layers dilate, turning the skin red: a sunburn.
Preference goes to those with deeper gene pools, which are deemed better able to withstand environmental change.
Current experimental and theoretical research attempt to expose what matter conceals-that which is embedded ever deeper inside.
Detecting illicit tunnels, which can run far deeper, require more powerful radars.
Deeper investigation required to identify the genuine agents of change in improving mortality rates.
There is a deeper social aspect that goes beyond government, media and advertising that is in urgent need of being addressed.
So the hypothesis is a double magma chamber with the primary reservoir still being the deeper one.
As a result, leaves at the ground level of a vine growing in the forest are a deeper green than leaves high up on the vine.
They were unsure which way led to the surface and which led deeper into the mountain.
Individual dolphins also enter a deeper form of sleep, mostly at night.
The warm water drives the fish to deeper waters or farther away from usual fishing locations.
It turns out that the gas is being sourced from deeper reservoirs and migrating along faults but that is all beside the point.
So the fundamental principle in self-control is addressing the deeper issues of our personal value system.
The best way for countries to adjust to the shocks and disruption would be for markets to become deeper and more resilient.
They are looking for much deeper cuts and will soon propose a spending plan of their own.
New copper supply is going to be increasingly dependent on smaller mines that are deeper underground and have lower ore grades.
Doing that prescribes an insufficient, short-term remedy for a long-term, deeper problem.
Unfortunately the resemblance runs deeper than that.
And since many disputes stay out of court, the well of discontent with outsourcing is surely deeper than the legal record shows.
If the immediate political consequences are fairly clear, the deeper crisis of trust is harder to measure.
Such differences in activity and anatomy, though, must have deeper causes.
Across the regions within the euro zone, therefore, economic cycles may be longer and deeper and of uncertain duration.
Yes, the austerity-induced recession has been deeper than expected.
The second, deeper question is whether a market-based approach to finance is efficient.
Sunspots are caused by irruptions into its surface of the sun's deeper magnetism.
First, a severe slump in investment could turn a mild economic downturn into a deeper recession.
Probe a little deeper, however, and patterns emerge.
All these firms are wedded to specific products, not deeper philosophies, and are having trouble navigating technological shifts.
Dig deeper, however, and the position gets more complicated.
It will require far deeper reforms than are planned.
The debt crisis is deeper and more widespread than almost anyone feared at the start of the year.
In truth, the current-account deficit reveals deeper economic flaws.
But it also drew out the many challenges they face as they seek deeper, broader and more sustained collaboration.
But a deeper look at the data suggests their fears may be unfounded.
The deeper problem with the nothing-to-hide argument is that it myopically views privacy as a form of secrecy.
Administrators say they lowered the temperatures in buildings across the campus to avoid deeper budget cuts.
But there is a downside to this convenience, and it's deeper than bleary eyes.
As sometimes happens in some disciplines and departments, a few people develop deeper knowledge of pedagogy.
His administration has moved the university deeper into distance education and has pushed aggressive marketing campaigns.
E-books have the ability to embed hyperlinks into the page to give the student a deeper, more meaningful way to study.
Deans embraced holistic evaluations, attempting to peer deeper into hearts and noggins.
There is no deeper, darker part of the body than the interior of our bones.
We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness.
But the changes, neuroscience tells us, go much deeper than metaphor.
Then, we're using key findings from these reports to delve deeper into the issues at hand.
The deeper water is still spotted with tide walkers advancing at the same pace as the rising water.
But if you dig deeper into specific sectors and sub-sectors, you find that a handful performed much better than average.
The deeper the recession, the more aggressive the cut in interest rates needs to be.
Even if the news isn't worse than it appears, the story is certainly deeper than it appears.
At a deeper level, today's tighter credit is about risk and profit.
But this whole situation also masks a much deeper problem with how the country as a whole approaches foreign policy.
There was a time when recessions meant shallower unemployment and deeper productivity loss.
But the rage of travelling is a symptom of a deeper unsoundness affecting the whole intellectual action.
But the real causes of the disaster go, as it were, much deeper.
He gets into the science of reading, the way some circuits in the brain go on autopilot as you're pulled deeper into the text.
Revision cycles were once longer, but used books have been eating deeper and deeper into publishers' profits.
As the cut became deeper and wider, the tissue on either side browned and blackened, and the lobe started to move back and forth.
On that trip, he achieved a deeper understanding of folk style, which led to a transformation of his own musical language.
Yet the movie offers a much deeper and richer vision of the story than its drama alone suggests.
The happy result of all this experimentation was to bring the audience deeper into the opera.
But the confusion of friends and enemies goes much deeper.
Its iconography runs deeper, along a less obvious political course.
If you try this test with a ball that is exactly the same size as the balloon, the ball will sink deeper before it floats.
Discussion questions can help you appreciate books in new and deeper ways.
The stock can move poleward to avoid warmer water temperatures, or move into deeper waters than they have previously been found.
Deeper into the geologic past, dust bowls endured for centuries.
The bumpy country road wound deeper into the scrubland until at last an undulating shape appeared in the distance.
Corals in shallow water might be fine, while a few feet deeper some corals are bleached on top, others only on the sides.
As the cascade penetrates deeper and deeper into the atmosphere, more and more of it gets absorbed.
These eddies can dredge up material from deeper waters, including nutrients.
My fingers slid lightly over the surface of the faintly reddened spot, then probed a little deeper.
When completed it will be able to see even deeper and with more resolution.
The instrument, a canister whose lid gets squeezed under the higher pressures of deeper waters, notes the compression.
And crews should soon be able to drill in even deeper water.
People think in deeper, more intuitive ways when they express themselves physically.
Long-term relationships hold a key to deeper levels.
Some walleye in deeper points, but overall quiet with no currents.
Meanwhile the book grew and grew-and became deeper, and richer, and in all ways better.
No, he was drawing on much wider and deeper sources of potency.
The teens, none of whom could swim, were splashing in shallow waters when they unknowingly entered a deeper area of the river.
As they turned and swung and the sharks flopped up, air hissed out of the bullet holes, and the raft sank deeper.
The sustenance would serve them well, because the next day they would venture higher and deeper, to the serious ice.
The harder the nihilism, the deeper the need for a happy ending.
He later apologized, both times managing to dig a deeper hole for himself.
She has spent weeks at the bottom of the ocean, literally going deeper than anyone else.
Her voice has changed because of the vocal-cord surgery-it's deeper and, in some ways, better.
Something about him didn't compute, begged people to dig deeper.
And while the active permafrost layer may not be getting any deeper, after a few days of steady rain it has become a muddy soup.
B ut the bloom of wellbeing goes deeper than these cosmetic makeovers.
Getting at the deeper oil requires treating the bitumen underground so it can be pumped out through an oil well.
One explanation is that this is pure accident and that there is no deeper reason for the coincidence.
Politics and the media, however, have a deeper relationship.
More powerful pumps meant deeper, drier and thus more profitable mines.
But something deeper and more universal has been achieved: voice.
Improving the extraction process for oil sands will only make that dependence deeper.
Digging deeper, the researchers found that some of the individual risk factors were strikingly different.
Better signals translate into clearer images that can be taken more quickly and peer deeper into tissue.
The sunspots are darker, deeper, and cooler than the photosphere.
Note finally that quantum history selection does not answer any of the deeper questions of quantum mechanics.
Larger or deeper root systems that allow plants to take in more moisture can thus increase yield.
Without a bailout, the banking system would have stayed paralyzed and the recession would have been much deeper and longer.
It seems to touch a deeper, darker place than any poem he's ever written.
Then there will be the more radical and deeper reforms: labor law, the electoral system.
The target of protest has become broader and the grounds of complaint deeper.
And now we're told that something further is needed, a sight that is deeper than pragmatic.
Yet no one picture feels finer or deeper than the others.
There is a still deeper fault line within medical practice.
But a deeper question concerns the adequacy of utilitarianism itself.
We sink deeper into blood, with no foreseeable end in sight.
Along with their ostensible nature, the sympathetic reader gets this deeper dimension as a bonus, an earned increment.
But the longer it waits to release these funds, the deeper the financial hole becomes.
And it goes deeper than the question of multiple voices.
Doing so would act more directly on the deeper problems that quotas, visas, and security systems can't reach.
The concerns about its credibility run deeper than last fall's elections, which were marred by widespread corruption and fraud.
The effects of the election went even deeper than they seemed if one considered the longer run.
Both apparent cause and apparent effect could be symptoms of a deeper cause.
But this influence is real and deeper than she seems to recognize.

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