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Example sentences for deep space

Not all alien species are from deep space, and not all alien invasions raise a ruckus.
Helium gas exhausted to the atmosphere bubbles irrecoverably into deep space.
Already robot explorers paddle in the nearer waters of deep space, and doubtless their successors will go further.
The spaceship could carry astronauts into deep space.
The observatory remains one of the premiere deep space research sites in the world.
Now, from deep space, the two craft continue to return data.
The camera also found hydrogen in deep space, which led to new ideas about the birth of stars in the universe.
But even if not, having a big, inhabitable ship in deep space would be wonderfully useful.
High-energy radiation from deep space may be burning a hole in our ozone layer.
Energetic protons from deep space continuously bombard our planet and strike atoms in the upper layers of the atmosphere.
So astronomers are taking the rare opportunity to study a hefty asteroid without having to send a craft into deep space.
Whether peering into deep space or checking on human activity, spacecraft and satellites from days gone by are still on the job.
The spacecraft's travails highlight the difficulty of working remotely in the inhospitable environment of deep space.
From deep space, cosmic rays come fast and pack a heck of a punch.
For a human, the deep sea is as alien as deep space.
Excited hydrogen glows red, for example, which is why so many gas clouds in deep space glow that color.
High frequency radio sources in deep space arise for the same reason.
We can and will develop technologies for the exploration of deep space sooner than later.
My paintings feature both intimate spaces and dramatic deep space effects.
Once in deep space, it went though the same process of aggregating into comets.
Jaws' creator moves dazzlingly from the deep to deep space.
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