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Yellow wood is deep rooted, so you can grow other plants beneath it.
Her usually pale complexion glowed from summer sun, but there were deep, dark lines under her eyes.
Deep structures are the input to the semantic component, which describes their meaning.
Price's work in evolutionary biology, while abstract, was breathtakingly original and deep.
Hyperventilation is rapid or deep breathing that can occur with anxiety or panic.
If it commands our attention, it means it triggers a deep longing in our hearts, if not our flesh.
The angry-looking deep sea anglerfish has a right to be cranky.
Visitors will also join scientists on a virtual submersible tour of the deep ocean.
Plant hellebores for blooms of pale green to ruby, garnet, and deep amethyst.
People often talk about the alien beauty of the deep ocean.
OK, everybody involved in higher education, take a deep breath.
People often imagine the deep sea as a place of great silence.
Lice are not the only successful parasites with a deep fossil record.
Deep in the oceans, hydrothermal vents spew superheated water full of dissolved minerals.
Non-native trees benefit from a monthly deep soaking.
In space, as in the deep oceans, human discoverers will yield to machine surrogates.
Hydrothermal vents are geysers located on the ocean floor in the deep sea.
But they sometimes disappear for weeks, diving more than a mile down and resting in the chilly deep for a spell.
Soaker hoses work well for occasional deep watering of established trees.
Have students speculate about how deep sea animals might be well-adapted to their dark environment.
Not all alien species are from deep space, and not all alien invasions raise a ruckus.
Dense flower clusters in white, deep blue, or reddish purple.
After daffodils fade they're replaced with pots of deep pink tulips giving the bed a whole new look.
Ninebarks are so named because of their peeling bark, which is many layers deep.
Does well with only occasional deep irrigation in summer.
Deep red spring and summer foliage, scarlet in fall more add to my plant list enlarge.
At these five there's lots to do, and as a bonus, some rates are in the deep freeze.
The skin was a magical-looking shade of deep purple.
Scientists exploring the deep sea have discovered a distinctive kind of breaking wave.
First, ask yourself in a deep and intuitive way if you really want the job.
The deep basins under the oceans are carpeted with lava that spewed from submarine volcanoes and solidified.
Yet pockets of deep stress have emerged in funding markets.
He neither rose from poverty nor went off the deep end through drink or craziness.
Education may need to become more widespread, but it will need to be deep as well as wide.
In none of these countries, however, has the pain of recession bitten so deep.
The barn stands at attention, its walls planted in moonlit snow and its peak nosing toward a deep blue sky.
In an endgame, the board is almost empty, which makes deep calculation easier for humans.
The dark recesses of deep ocean waters often seem otherworldly.
Drill deep holes, even going all the way through the block, to maximize the nesting depth.
Scientists have spotted the wreckage from a spectacular collision between two planets deep in space.
Established plants survive with no supplemental moisture but need deep watering for top-quality nuts.
Purplish new spring foliage turns deep green in summer, fiery in fall.
That's the easy way, if you don't want to bother with deep frying.
Grow them in pots that are about half as deep as they are wide.
Deep green leaves have more pointed lobes than others add to my plant list.
Long-blooming shrub bears rose pink flowers with a deep red eye.
Turn a deep photo frame and similar-sized side table into a venue for celebrating treasured keepsakes.
Fragrant, white semidouble blooms open to show off their deep lavender-pink markings around yellow centers.
Against a deep chocolate accent wall, this upholstered headboard is wrapped in a shimmery woven silk that's soft to the touch.
Dwarf conifers come with gold, chartreuse, or deep green needles.
The village itself sits deep in a knoll between wooded slopes.
The command center is busy and dark, protected deep within the ship the way it would be on an actual military vessel.
Some elephant calls are so deep in pitch they shake the ground.
Deep pits separated visitors from the lumbering dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts.
However, it means that at some deep underlying level, there's a much richer universe out there.
Enjoy boating and deep-sea fishing, surfing the waves and leisurely boardwalk strolls.
She found lionfish in near-shore waters, coral reefs and deep ocean.
The whole thing was then either warmed in an oven or deep fried.
These were not small animals or creatures that were hidden away in the deep sea.
Then suspense builds when the dinosaurs mistakenly wake up, due to the wrong medication that counteracts the deep sleep.
We remove our shoes, roll up our trousers and nervously wade knee-deep in the toxic stream.
Deep test pits have shown that the floors of the rings are made of hardened limestone.
One big misconception is that evolution is this thing in the deep past-whereas in reality, evolution is happening all around us.
Both sets are provided with valves, which are more numerous in the deep than in the superficial veins.
The lymphatic vessels of the walls of the abdomen and pelvis may be divided into two sets, superficial and deep.
The lymphatic vessels are arranged into a superficial and a deep set.
The plexuses are often in two layers: a superficial and a deep, the superficial being of smaller caliber than the deep.
Communal aspects of digital culture run deep and wide.
Most of the clock is deep inside the mountain, below the ridgeline.
At a moment's notice, hitherto-successful economies were plunged deep into recession.
The risk to oil companies from deep-sea platforms, in other words, turns out to be immense.
Americans are out of work because the slump was deep and the recovery has been lacklustre.
Deep rifts have emerged between the party's left and right wings.
All politicians have been disconcerted by discontent that is at once deep-rooted and nebulous.
Despite people's fascination with this deep-sea behemoth, the giant squid's life and habits have remained largely a mystery.
Related to shrimp and crabs, the giant isopod is a deep-sea crustacean that makes its home on the ocean floor.
And because compaction can occur deep in the ground, it can take decades to reverse.
Where pieces of ocean crust collide, especially deep trenches form.
The results could shed new light on an animal that is rarely seen outside the darkness of the deep.
Shale gas relies on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, to open up cracks in the rock layer deep underground.
By this point, my head was throbbing with deep thoughts.
Physics may concern itself with the beginnings of deep time and biology turns its eye on the origin of humanity itself.
If a country wants to keep a nuclear bomb test secret, it'll probably do it deep underground.
The distress probably doesn't come from the dirt, which is usually clay found deep in the ground and that doesn't house pathogens.
Simply put, bottomlessly deep: that is the definition of a great discovery in science.
Many of us worry about a decline in deep, reflective, cover-to-cover reading.
When the water dried up, wind eroded away the sediments, leaving behind the deep crevices and some layers of sedimentary rocks.
Inform them it is only with deep regret that you must accept another position elsewhere.
But wait-it might be time to take a deep breath to let the excitement of the sales pitch fade.
Still, the addicted find deep cultural significance in their drug of choice.
By the time demand is robust enough for them to dip deep into the reserve army of labor, it may be too late for many of them.
But ultimately, they leave deep marks that endure long after boom times have returned.
Locked in unheated cells in the winter, the prisoners slept in piles three or four deep for warmth.
Continue to boil, swirling pan occasionally, until syrup is a deep golden caramel.
Many childhood memories are buried deep in our consciousness.
The drone program, for all its tactical successes, has stirred deep ethical concerns.
She paints her lips a deep red and presses them together.
The issues of power and paternalism suggest the deep ways in which this is a book about race.
But all of these heirlooms are evenly deep-hued and luscious on the inside, as crimson and soft as mouth flesh.
The general feeling was that he had gone off the deep end, and that his music no longer mattered.
But although deep pockets help in a downturn, recessions nonetheless create more opportunity for challengers, not less.
From deep space, cosmic rays come fast and pack a heck of a punch.
Most dark matter labs are deep underground, minimizing background signals from cosmic radiation.
Deep-sea vents are a better location for the origins of life.
He rubs her arm and her leg firmly, applying deep-muscle pressure, and her dark eyes pop open.
It's what you lose when you fall into a deep, dreamless slumber and what you regain when you wake up.
Far more compelling are the bacteria that have been found thriving deep underground.
The resultant steam runs a turbine, and cold water drawn up from deep in the ocean condenses the steam to start the cycle again.
The new partners plan to install what could be the world's first commercial-scale wind turbine located offshore in deep water.
Studies suggest that deep brain stimulation could effectively treat depression.
It can noninvasively probe deep inside tissues and gives information on the presence of specific chemicals.
To get at this oil, companies will drill in deep waters to tap reserves below the ocean floor.
For example, deep pockets may indicate the function of an enzyme, a catalyst that regulates a chemical reaction.
The deep pockets are where enzymes receive and bind to other molecules.
The deep seas were turned into secret and illegal dumping grounds.
They are the experts who care a lot about this product and combine this care with deep knowledge.
Common and deep-seated beliefs, widespread norms, and behavior and performance standards are enemies of new ideas.
The picture on the jacket shows dark waves on deep water with a distant suburban shoreline.
Nevertheless, although he never published a fugue or composed an opera, his work reveals a deep understanding of both traditions.
The universe ends as a lifeless autoclave or as a lifeless deep freeze.
Defendants with deep pockets could incur enormous costs, which would have to be paid by plaintiffs who lost lawsuits.
It is thought to clear the reader's lungs of the transient and fill them with a deep breath of transcendence.
He arrived at a moment when contemporary art had been, for a decade or more, in a state of deep self-questioning.
Sensuous textures and deep, saturated colors are used to create a sultry atmosphere of stifled desire.
Instead she rested on a gurney, alert and calm, taking deep breaths at her hypnotherapist's instruction.
Then get someone to play it to you at night, while you are deep asleep.
The state is deep in debt and in desperate need of new faces and new ideas.
Picture a rounded surface covered in deep meandering ridges and grooves.
It was deep in the mangrove swamps, and he said that no journalist had ever been there.
My paintings feature both intimate spaces and dramatic deep space effects.
He sat in deep meditation, programming or reading or writing something or other.
Let's really dig deep and crack open the ribs on this premise.

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