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The claim that this makes in its own right on the compassion of the West for its fellow men is deemed, apparently, too puny.
The commentary of any narrative is determined by its content—by the sources and facts deemed worthy of inclusion.
Garden officials announced Wednesday evening that the arena had been deemed safe and that all events would go on as scheduled.
Topics related to other gaming platforms may be deemed off-topic and removed at our discretion.
Once a lion is deemed habituated to humans, there aren't many options.
By being ignored, commenters who are not deemed interesting by others will give up and go elsewhere.
Physicists have now analyzed the proposed mechanism and deemed it plausible.
Many skiers and snowboarders now affectionately refer to their own equipment in the way once deemed derisive.
If any man deemed he had suffered wrong, he pulled the chain, and the king perceived him and called him in and gave judgment.
Some sports experts deemed him too slow.
So far, all have been deemed fabrications or portraits of someone else.
The obvious solution seems to be restriction of access to information deemed potentially harmful.
Students set up another free speech wall, this time taping over any language that could be deemed offensive.
Search-committee chairs are busy people, dealing with dozens of applications, many of which are quickly deemed disposable.
Landing any research position is deemed more successful than all but a handful of academic positions.
The shrinking process was deemed necessary to stop the victims evil spirit from seeking revenge.
More subjected not only political but also social arrangements to the test of what he deemed ideally desirable.
One side or the other had to yield principles they deemed dearer than life before it could be brought to an end.
Some have deemed it prudent to retire for a time from practice.
If the imaginative faculty refused to act at such an hour, it might well be deemed a hopeless case.
If the logic is deemed to be watertight, then the result is a theorem.
But such impertinences make an artist whom many have deemed redoubtable, if a bit boring, excitingly new and strange.
At the time of writing, a complete meltdown at one or more of the reactors was still deemed to be a risk.
All this article does is explain the research done and why it is deemed necessary by some people.
Of course, much science and technology yields systems that provide society with what are deemed to be worthwhile measures.
Inspections were made, and the damage was deemed too severe to repair, so salvage and scrapping operations began.
Nor is such understanding deemed important, even in making national-security policy.
If he was an ornament to his profession, his superiors deemed him increasingly too risky a one.
Unfortunately, this entailed a conscious decision not to continue to copy many older texts which were deemed corrupted.
The range of sensibilities should be a guide to what is deemed acceptable when commenting on appearances.
When a campus uses up its allotted funds, no more students are deemed eligible.
And not everyone deemed eligible can participate, either.
Both have overlooked fundamentals, often from other disciplines wrongly deemed irrelevant.
If a tuna is deemed worthy, negotiations begin immediately.
Any player deemed a flight risk was kept on the island.
Flies that avoided the fruit which had been bitter were deemed to have learned from their experience.
At present, films deemed unsuitable for children may not be shown to adults either.
But even in a society that preferred to believe that criminals were born and not made, this was soon deemed unacceptable.
In some cases only animal tests are deemed sufficient.
The consensus about what is tolerated and what deemed offensive or dangerous varies.
And, critically, they can borrow cheaply because they are deemed too big to fail.
Even projects deemed a success these days sometimes fail to meet their targets.
The rise of developing nations is generally deemed to explain this commodities boom.
But some authorities think baselines, once established, could be deemed permanent.
Shares are deemed pricey when the p/e ratio is above its long-run average.
As in the past, the pendulum of what is deemed unacceptable will probably swing back.
If a bank cannot raise the capital to offset its losses, it should be deemed insolvent and temporarily nationalised.
Some of them made fortunes, but the mechanism helped the market to clear and was deemed a success.
Some are deemed too dangerous to release, but cannot easily be prosecuted.
Meanwhile, scores of journalists continue to be prosecuted and even jailed for expressing views deemed to be harmful to the state.
Equities were deemed to be a lot more risky and thus required a higher yield.
The court's verdicts make it clear that any criticism of state bodies is deemed to be propaganda against the ruling system.
The other seventy-one drugs approved that year were variations of old drugs or deemed no better than drugs already on the market.
Yet spin aside, these efforts hardly can be deemed successful.
Where more than twenty interpretations hold the field, the addition of one more cannot be deemed an impertinence.
If no hearing is opened, rates are automatically deemed prudent and reasonable.
Unless someone is deemed a serious and immediate danger, he or she isn't placed under surveillance.
Validation and complaint investigation procedures for deemed hospitals.

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