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Remarkably, the report does not deem those instances to be plagiarism.
The school will teach what the parents deem important.
Vivid graphics add zest to the dry facts, but true history buffs may deem much of this old hat.
Candidates may choose to submit other supporting materials as they deem appropriate.
Moderators screen every post and comment, and reject any material they deem inappropriate.
And both seem impervious to criticism that they deem unfair.
I'll share the big details I deem pertinent for them to know.
You just vote on whatever criteria you deem appropriate.
At least some officials deem the account credible.
Mine outward deeds then deem not, when mine intent you know not.
We would request that you take a look at it and, if you deem in worthy, add it to your list of blogs that you read.
Dogs hardly ever make eye contact and do everything possible to avoid it as dogs deem that as being rude.
Colleges are there to help students develop into whatever they deem correct for themselves.
If you use letterhead, some committees may deem you unethical and discard your application.
Then you'd soon get degrees offered only in the skills which corporations deem worthy of their investment.
We network, attend continuing education sessions on the craft, and revel discussing in what others would deem to be minutiae.
We, however, believe that consumers should have the right to know whether their food was raised in a way they deem acceptable.
If the remainder had been six events, they may have deem that it was likely that some of these six events were dark matter.
Each individual member and each group is autonomous and free to do and choose to do what they deem is best for them.
Those who deem the meeting a failure are ignorant of the deep-seated enmity between the two parties.
Do not speak ill of the dead, but deem them sacred who have gone into the immortal state.
But he preferred to leave that style of argument to those who deem it unanswerable, universal and all-powerful.
Would doubt our truth, nor deem such praise her own.
Some governments deem drug-counterfeiting a trivial offence, little more than a common irritant.
If independent doctors deem him to be malingering, he should be dragged to court.
These buy undervalued equities, short-sell those they deem overvalued and often leverage their fund, too.
But it, too, will deem it sensible to share power with secularists.
We deem some types of speculation good and some bad, but not for rational reasons.
Negotiations with those they deem to have breached a patent can be tortuous.
The electorate itself is even more controversial, because many deem it geographically unrepresentative.
Police deem this out-dated, as a suspect can switch rapidly from one cellphone to another.
Interrogators will still use coercion because in some cases they will deem it worth the consequences.
Even unopposed candidates could lose if the voters deem them unworthy.
Your thought process is so skewed that the things that you would normally deem reprehensible, seem the a right choice.
Today it's gays, tomorrow, it's whomever else they deem unworthy.
Please understand that somebody will be in your face about the gas consumption of your car if they deem it too big.
Deem asked if there was an additional closure for the commercial fishery.
It is anticipated that each planning unit will use elements of this manual as they deem appropriate.
Please comment on any other aspects of the current listings you deem appropriate, such as whether the provisions are up to date.

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