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Some, by their deeds and their demeanors, become the toughest of them all.
In that three decade interval, the plane and its crews did their brave deeds of service to the nation and built a legend.
We need the righteous and their deeds for our example.
Steve, the world finally recognizes your good deeds.
So he keeps his cash and property deeds in a safe and carries the key in a special pocket in his pants.
Fans of the game have created sites to share anecdotes about the bizarre or uncanny deeds they've coaxed out of their creatures.
Players rise up or down in the virtual environment depending on whether their deeds are good or bad.
People can surprise you for the better, everyday good deeds are proof that people can be innately good.
Drunk drivers must suffer the consequences of their deeds.
It is the real deeds that matter not the mere signs and declarations.
Moreover, the ethical aspects of literature help to inform one's conscience and deeds beyond mere sympathies.
Heroic deeds-- notably, that of a schoolteacher who died saving the emperor's picture from a fire--embellished the curriculum.
If makes you wonder what other dastardly deeds he has committed to bring this country to its knees.
Conversely, science does not influence you to do bad deeds.
Additionally, the recording laws operate to cut off the interests of people who fail to record their deeds.
It's no surprise that the marketing department fuels-and funds-corporate good deeds.
She would make it the hidden spring of a hundred praiseworthy deeds.
Rather it is to be impressed, at the end of a year and near the end of a millennium, with the durability of human deeds.
People naturally respond to authentic deeds, discoveries and accomplishments.
And with bad deeds spreading with equal vigour, it's also unclear how these ripples affect real human networks.
If their faith inspires them to do such deeds, that's great.
He knew war only as a toilsome chore, not as a field of heroic deeds.
Some have kept diaries to remind themselves of their deeds, others to reproach themselves for their misdeeds.
Cliff's good deeds never have any particular stature, even though they supposedly involve earthshaking world affairs.
Timrod described the dawn of the eventful day as the city in the broad sunlight of heroic deeds waited for the foe.
Avarice is the parent of evil deeds, but frugality is the sure guardian of our virtues.
Often the chieftain himself took up the harp and sang, perhaps a little boastfully, of great deeds.
And one bad act with many deeds well done mayst cover.
He that doth good deeds, yet without faith, he hath not life.
Good deeds are consistently rewarded, lapses always have consequences.
The question for voters is whom they can trust, who has actually matched words with deeds.
In this parable of good and evil, good deeds inspire toxic ends.
Fact is, that as long as someone else has the deeds, you don't own anything.
Questionable deeds have plagued that government or years.
Moreover, his deeds have been tougher than his words.
Along the way, mistakes are made and good deeds done.
Until last year, he had remained virtually silent about his deeds.
The register of deeds has the power to take acknowledgments, administer oaths, and certify the same by his or her signature.

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