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In many other cases, however, there are options other than aggression in word or deed.
And, above all, they must communicate it to their supporters and demonstrate their commitment to it by word and deed.
Throw it in your compost pile, and you're doing a good deed.
Once the deed is done, selectivity may come into play.
Sometimes dessert sounds better than doing the deed.
But an armed takeover of a vessel definitely is a criminal deed.
The killer drank a silent toast to a deed well and truly done.
He tells the drug-addled cousin who shoots him at the beginning of the film that he loves him even as the deed is being done.
One good deed could result in your being hounded by a horde of beggars or relieved of your wallet by professional pickpockets.
Citizens walk the streets aware that any word or deed may be noted by agents of some mysterious bureau.
The luring and deed are over in the second and the third quatrains.
There was no rejoicing among the crowd, only a sense of a necessary deed having been conducted with proper dignity.
There are much less complicated ways of doing the deed.
SO good deed have these people done by saving the lives of fascinating turtles.
And sometimes it's important to remember that, in deed as well as in thought.
Real wonder is no one condemned him for his horrible deed.
The deed, when done, was paid for through an intermediary.
We should expect each other to treat each other well, in word and in deed.
Thus the barriers were leveled, and the deed was done.
The guiding of thought and the deft coordination of deed is at once the path of honor and humanity.
Those abandoned items within, after all, are not listed on the deed.
These changes could also be attributed to parenthood, and my determination to do the deed and get home as soon as possible.
His last deed in the war was another act of friendship.
The value of a good deed decreases in direct proportion to how badly you need to create good will for your own purposes.
If you want to do a good deed and build your vocabulary, you've come to the right place.
It is not done in an aura of gauzy reverence but has the nature of a dark political deed.
Deed restrictions are powerful tools to help preserve the character of a subdivision or neighborhood.
The information contained in the brochure is a brief overview of the basic steps and factors involved in a trust deed investment.
Important information for current home owners of deed restricted properties.
Then, if the gods would wreck us on the sea for the deed, let them do it.
The new deed is yet a part of life,-remains for a time immersed in our unconscious life.

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