deductive in a sentence

Example sentences for deductive

There are essentially two kinds of profiling, inductive and deductive.
The difference is inductive v deductive approaches to the same cognitive goals.
Despite such successes a doubt remains: consumers vary so much that deductive number crunching runs the risk of missing something.
Further, a clear deductive overview preceding inductive training eases the perceived difficulty of the lesson.
There is nothing that teaches deductive reasoning and logic better than math word problems.
The answer lies in a crucial distinction between deductive and inductive reasoning.
Some experts displayed a top-down style of reasoning: politics as a deductive art.
The case for the superiority of markets over planners is empirical, not deductive.
After many feverish hours, he made the final deductive leap.
Research has linked early television viewing to diminished deductive reasoning and childhood obesity, she said.
Instead of dumbed down deductive thinking, one size fits all solutions, understand what's going on first.
Given that medicine generally uses deductive reasoning to arrive at diagnoses in complex cases.
Conclusions of this deductive process are not subject to plebiscite any more than is mathematics.
Belief in impossibility is the starting point for logic, deductive mathematics, and natural science.
Inconsistent theories prove anything aka deductive explosion.
In logics term, rejection is deductive, confirmation is inductive.
Deductive reasoning takes on an increasingly important role in the high school years.
Use the hierarchy of quadrilaterals in deductive reasoning.
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