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Doe takes advantage of the offer, buys the computer and tries to deduct its cost.
They predict that more colleges will choose to deduct gift fees from new.
One must then deduct that credit because he makes ignorant and curmudgeonly statements.
Scanners would deduct the cost of a fare every time its user climbs aboard a bus or other vehicle.
Online robot instructors were tried, but they had no paychecks from which to deduct their maintenance costs.
Owner-occupiers typically pay no tax on capital gains and can deduct mortgage interest from their income-tax bills.
Perhaps some way for homeowners to deduct a portion of the loss from the sale of an underwater house could help too.
Or you might deduct the funds from a simple check book, knowing that the funds haven't actually gone out.
Some retailers inflate the amount they deduct and then press the supplier to meet them in the middle.
In addition, you can exclude or deduct certain foreign housing amounts.
Corporations are allowed to deduct interest payments from taxable revenue.
The contributors could deduct the full amounts on their income-tax returns, using the canceled checks to back their claims.
If you deduct the huge fees, the shares have gone to a premium.
But you may be able to deduct costs you incur if your job search is in a field in which you have already worked.
Families would be allowed to deduct only mortgage interest, rent and charitable contributions.
Companies were allowed to deduct the entire interest payment, including the portion that was used to redeem the securities.
Similar systems deduct highway tolls from drivers' accounts and restrict access to workplaces.
Many manufacturers deduct a great whack from the bill when an order is late.
Sensors on the interstate will calculate any tolls and automatically deduct the proper amount from the driver's prepaid account.
For example, the insurance companies deduct a fee on his payment for the service of paying him.
Companies world wide can deduct almost all expenses.
When you travel for business, you can deduct certain expenses on your taxes.
If you claim the standard deduction, you can't deduct your losses.
If this turns out to be politically impracticable, they would allow individuals to deduct their medical costs from taxes.
In the past, corporations could deduct from their taxes only a small portion of the losses incurred by a company they acquire.
The bank will deduct the amount that was originally credited to your account.
Currently, corporations deduct the often inflated value of stock-based compensation at the time the grant is exercised.
From the market price growers must deduct the costs of sale to determine profit.
He could then deduct his mortgage interest, even under the revised limit above.
Deduct the deductible amount as an itemized deduction.
Generally, each year you will report all income and deduct all out-of-pocket expenses in full.
Deduct the contributions you make for your common-law employees on your tax return.
Generally, the amount you can deduct depends on the percentage of your home used for business.
Generally, you cannot deduct items such as mortgage interest and real estate taxes as business expenses.

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