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But listening to it is like trying to deduce all of Bach from a single sonata.
His voice adds a level of immanency that a reader might not deduce from reading it alone.
But they were not able to deduce what exactly they had produced.
While short in geologic terms, that's enough to deduce climate trends.
Then the characters deduce, for example, what kinds of food different dinosaurs eat by examining their mouths and teeth.
The scientists deduce that the surface features of Mars are much older than they had suspected — perhaps five billion years old.
Students can deduce how a class is going to shape up simply from the elements of the syllabus itself.
From the pattern of repeated images, one could deduce the universe's true size and shape.
If you're good at math, you should therefore be able to deduce how many clock hours the actual reading takes.
If the monkey can consistently learn to grab the green ball, it is logical to deduce that he can tell red and green apart.
And based on learning these leaps, you can learn to deduce any note on the keyboard given a starting point.
It's nearly impossible to deduce how his previous experiences shaped his current thinking and politics.
It was easier to deduce that the interface might change than that the words people would want to read would be different, too.
With experience, one can use these colors as clues to deduce the boundaries of clones.
He did, however, correctly deduce that there were distinct genes that control skin color.
Looking at its genes, they were able to deduce how it moves and in what environments it would thrive.
Or to put it another way, they are not capable of applying simple logic, to use known facts to deduce an unknown one.
The work was sloppy and introduced grammatical errors that could be used to deduce exactly how the changes were made.
As you can logically deduce, it is impossible to hold simultaneously more than two of the three basic beliefs.
But the gods find the ashes of his net and from their pattern deduce the shape of the device they need to make.

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