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Most people become decrepit as they age.
He only had one eye now and was too decrepit to do anything other than greet me.
The force of law is the only reason these decrepit, teetering giants continue to exist.
Many of the blasts result from decrepit wiring, which can lead to sparks.
He said the building was in a decrepit state, infested with rats and mice.
The popular image of these late years may be of crusty and decrepit ancients.
Their skateboard park is a decrepit concrete fountain with deep fissures.
The apartments were uniformly dirty and decrepit.
To achieve that, however, it must overhaul its decrepit service sector.
Eddie hoarded, nothing decrepit enough or useless enough or sufficiently broken to throw away.
Decrepit public water delivery systems cause major water loss.
Medieval romances, it is true, had fallen by this time into a decrepit old age.
He stuffs the dog in a decrepit suitcase, but it sticks its legs through the bag's holes and runs away.
Roads are congested as never before, the railways decrepit.
The leapfrogging of decrepit state telecoms by profitable mobile telephone companies is one example.
Instead, the foreign presence has accentuated the shortcomings of a decrepit state.
Besides, these disgusting decrepit buildings have a lot of character, if by character you mean bedbugs.
Together these partnerships can take on all manner of decrepit old industries.
Such decrepit infrastructure and the starvation of millions really underlines the backwardness of policy within the government.
The decrepit, bony creature's head almost touches the ground while hovering birds dive to peck his back.
The moody atmosphere of decrepit grandeur is typical of her work.
Abandoned shopping malls and decrepit factories are the folly of an ever-growing urban exploration movement.
The mansion itself had once been a cloister for decrepit nuns, and was surrounded by a sculpted garden.
Devoid of human existence, these poignant photographs pay homage to the decrepit film sets that once breathed with energy.
The school's early students reveled in their decrepit surroundings.
The wood products manufacturer had four decrepit buildings, three of which had only three walls.
In addition, road conditions vary from good to decrepit and rundown.
The proposed fence would replace a decrepit brush fence.
Cars appeared few and decrepit, pedestrians badly dressed.

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O loss of sight, of thee I most complain! Blind among enemies, O worse than chains, Dungeon, or beggary, or decrep... more
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