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The world's population is increasing and its forest life is decreasing.
But within the walls of society itself, the visit of formality is decreasing.
In the progress of the character, there is an increasing faith in the moral sentiment, and a decreasing faith in propositions.
Rates below two children indicate populations decreasing in size and growing older.
Marriage promoters also see matrimony as a means of decreasing crime and welfare dependence.
Everyone's location will be displayed at regular, decreasing time intervals.
First, the barrier to entrepreneurship was decreasing, meaning it was becoming easier to start a company and secure funding.
Once plucked, strings vibrate with decreasing energy until the sound dies away.
Reducing the amount of electricity the average home uses is a simple, direct method of decreasing emissions that cause acid rain.
In general the computer models all predict decreasing precipitation in the subtropics in both hemispheres.
Others, such as sea ice cover and snow cover, are decreasing.
Make sure they understand that the changes have to do with temperature decreasing as elevation increases.
The accused were then made to walk around in ever-decreasing circles until their intestines wrapped the trunk.
The overall value of a frequent flier mile is decreasing.
The scientists found a pattern of genetic variation typical of decreasing populations.
Decreasing levels of this smallest marine meal can tinker with a host of marine species, including the anchovy.
Hybrid vehicles store power in batteries, which allows them to have smaller engines without decreasing the vehicle's performance.
Birds are urged northward in the spring by rising temperatures, increasing moisture, and decreasing pressure.
Such areas are already a top priority for conservationists concerned about decreasing fish populations worldwide.
Corn ethanol is not the ultimate solution to decreasing our dependence on oil, and neither is it the ideal climate solution.
The new system will give an indication of the state of tiger habitat-if it is increasing, decreasing, or stable.
These sites will tell you the probability of a price remaining constant, increasing or decreasing.
In fact, decreasing complexity is common in the record of evolution.
The result is decreasing inertia and increasing gravity.
According to one hypothesis, vomiting reduces caloric intake, decreasing insulin secretion.
The apparently decreasing airspeed will result in the auto throttle system increasing thrust to maintain the desired airspeed.
But decreasing brain volume could also be responsible for the beneficial effects of the drugs.
But when that signaling is disrupted, either by increasing or decreasing its rate, walking chaos ensues.
As the potential for losses increased, they found decreasing activity in these same reward-sensitive areas.
We pay evermore increasing prices for an ever decreasing feeling of importance.
Family sizes are decreasing as well as the average age of the population.
If you borrow it from foreign sources you will have to pay it back later by increasing taxes and thus decreasing aggregate demand.
And the reality shows that the output of countries that are cutting expenditure is decreasing.
But an adjacent dial shows something else: the amount of charge in the car's capacitors is decreasing.
It also accounts for an ever-decreasing share of rich countries' output and employment.
While the number of farms is decreasing, their size is soaring.
But in support of the article, it's also logical that the violence would only be appearing in increase, while actually decreasing.
But some economists maintain that the legitimate sale of ivory lowers prices, thus decreasing the incentive to poach.
With a given capital stock, adding workers will increase output at a decreasing rate.
At the same time active trading nowadays is becoming more promising due to decreasing trading costs.
Balancing budgets by decreasing support for low-income students puts selective colleges at risk.
Perhaps it is student uncertainty that is decreasing.
Home equity is decreasing by more than anyone could have imagined.
And with federal student aid decreasing, more students turned to state and private lenders to finance their college educations.
Fundraising software ultimately pays off in two simple ways: decreasing program costs and increasing contributions.
They are arranged in decreasing order of height, with the shortest at either end of the line.
Scarlet fever, for example, has had three cycles of increasing and decreasing severity.
The total volume of testing increased instead of decreasing.
While decreasing taxes, the government also ramped up its spending.
Most left-leaning pundits and wonks do not seem to believe that millionaires pay attention to decreasing returns to effort.
The program generally does this by decreasing the mortgage interest rate and/or increasing the loan's term.
We will then destroy performance, but without decreasing the deficit.
They come at a time when theaters have been closing and attendance rapidly decreasing.
From left to right, education requirement and wages are decreasing.
Productivity is increased primarily by increasing capital investment, but investment has been decreasing.
The birth-rate is not merely decreasing, but it is decreasing selectively.
We know that the world's high-temperature extremes are increasing, while some of our cold-temperature extremes are decreasing.
Another project is developing medication that boosts overall immunity, decreasing susceptibility to any infection.
Decreasing pH is not equivalent to increasing acidity.
In this case, it happens to favor the host by decreasing inflammation.
We have an unprecedented demand for ecosystem services and also a decreasing supply.
As space expands, it stretches out the wavelength of photons traveling though it, thus decreasing their energy.
Increasing the light absorption helps increase the power output of the cell, effectively decreasing the cost per watt.
For a growing number of businesses, government subsidies and decreasing costs are making the technology cost-effective.
But fewer photons will be absorbed, decreasing the efficiency of the cell.
With reduced temperature, cellular metabolism slows down, decreasing the amount of oxygen and other nutrients needed to survive.
The reason is the exponentially decreasing cost and increasing function of integrated electronics.
Costs are expected to continue decreasing, and electricity is worth more during the daytime than at night.
These are non-crystalline panels, and are decreasing in costs in the double digits yearly.
When cells are placed on the surface, they scatter the reflected light, decreasing the intensity of light falling on the detector.
When loading a plane with liquid fuel the decreasing requirement for fuel over the length of the trip is taken into account.
Flash is quickly moving to the server with price points decreasing and capacities increasing every year.
Obviously, the emphasis is on decreasing the fat in our diet and thereby decreasing calories.
We consider whether motorcycle helmet laws also reduce a beneficial externality by decreasing the pool of viable organ donors.
It's continued on as a benefit, but is slowing decreasing or not even offered to many workers today.

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