decoupling in a sentence

Example sentences for decoupling

By decoupling lighting and drawing, we're not locked into the lighting that can be done while drawing a polygon.
By decoupling, they can raise rates or charge a flat monthly fee.
Some decoupling can extend economic growth for a time, but complete decoupling is not a real possibility.
Significant decoupling would indicate lack of understanding.
But now many talk of a decoupling of the two economies.
Those links came under strain before the crisis, as a global saving glut caused a decoupling of long- and short-term rates.
It's a reminder, among other things, that decoupling is and will likely remain an incomplete phenomenon.
One is that emerging markets have showed signs, at last, of decoupling.
Stock markets and corporate profits have been decoupling from employment for the last decades.
Remember, adaptation should show evidence of decoupling ancestry from phenotype.
There are less mechanical ways to state the problem, for example the lack of decoupling in gravity.
The decoupling factor contains an unknown scale factor.
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