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Example sentences for decorous

However deadly the deed, the language is always decorous and impeccably mannered.
For all its wildness, its 9000-foot peaks and grizzly bears, Glacier is the most decorous of parks.
Such success followed his teaching that the whole aspect of the town became more moral and decorous in a marvellously short time.
The chairman raps his mahogany gavel: the committee rises with a decorous scraping of chairs and files out murmuring.
The language may be more decorous today, but the ideas are the same.
This most decorous of men could barely oblige; tears rolled down his face.
Current slang, out of which the more decorous language dredges a large part of its raw materials, is full of them.
But the revival has exacted a price: the decorous look of a residential street.
Four photographs all framed in decorous plain silver went to the anthracite.
The slowdown since then has been equally decorous.
Faculty members tend to embrace a decorous civility.
There is no work for any but the decorous and the complaisant.
They conduct a decorous courtship in which they parade before their chosen belles.
It was a spectacularly decorous event, if such a thing is possible.
The show is a decorous boneyard of defunct merriment, with the odd.
They are quiet and methodical and filled with generous and decorous gestures.
Cars meant for the gentry usually provide a decorous mode of travel, valuing restraint above all.
By day, he's a much more decorous character, living in a room filled with silver- framed portraits of the royal family.
It is a rush through a dimly lit ballroom echoing with sobs and laughter instead of decorous social conversation.
All speakers will conduct themselves in a decorous and courteous manner.
They plied him with all sorts of questions and the affair was anything but decorous.

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