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Not only is my apartment spotless and warmly decorated, my car and clothes are usually spotless.
But, it's a definite improvement on the total absence of meaning of my neighbor's homogeneously decorated spruce.
On one side the closed forms are vacant, and on the other side some of the closed forms are decorated.
It is beautifully decorated with color illustrations of real and mythical animals, peoples, and cities.
Or that the first decorated war dog, accredited with saving members of its company, was a pit bull.
It is encircled by columns that support a ring decorated with the syllabary itself.
The admissions office is in a converted mansion, and its lobby is decorated with large photographs of students at work and play.
The posters on my wall were middlebrow and unframed, while her side was tastefully decorated with framed prints by local artists.
The tomb contained a wooden coffin decorated with a copper lattice and a gilded mask, sitting on a raised platform.
Earthenware pottery is covered with a white tin glaze, which is then decorated with pigments before it's fired.
Her water lily headdress and decorated mat denote royal lineage.
Earthenware pottery is covered with a white tin glaze, which is then decorated with pigments before the white glaze is fired.
Next to them were tiles decorated with a red-and-white design, possibly from a public room.
Each food-court section will serve food from that country and will be decorated with items appropriate to that country.
If sides of mould are to be decorated, dip pieces in jelly and they will cling to pan.
It was not a mere block, but highly decorated with deep framed panels on either side.
The book ceased to be a highly decorated toy or a scholar's mystery.
Round this central strife the story grew from a tale to a novel, from a vivid episode to a drama richly conceived and decorated.
The tables are decorated with flowers and the supper service opened for the ball guests.
Two or three miserable dogs accompanied them, half-starved and mangy, but each decorated with a collar of beads.
Houses are decorated in red, white, and blue for the occasion.
Treat yourself to this sweet cake that's decorated with raspberries.
And you probably didn't worry over a color wheel for hours when you decorated your house, either.
Miniature golf can be a lot of fun, and it is even better if the course is decorated with dinosaurs.
The holidays are upon us, and so are the sickeningly sweet cakes decorated with neon-colored fruits.
But people also soon noticed their delicately sculpted and decorated shells.
It was an ornate space, with a decorated ceiling and red tiled floor.
Such elaborately decorated conveyances were reserved for the shogun's family, especially his brides.
Palaces and temples were decorated with elaborate friezes, some of which were hundreds of feet long.
She will take you to off-the-beaten-track places, for instance, a church decorated entirely with human skulls and crossbones.
The university buildings are decorated in mosaics, making it worth a visit.
They painted pictures, decorated their bodies and believed in spirits.
He decorated his fief with roads and health centres named after himself.
The walls of their little church hall are decorated with pictures of generation upon generation of their local choir.
He had a mausoleum built of white marble and decorated with gold leaf.
The ship is decorated in thousands of dollars of ornaments, trees and sleighs.
The rooms and suites in this family-owned motel have all been decorated with their own themes and highly unusual furnishings.
Rooms are decorated with eco-friendly bedding and decor, and feature private baths and down comforters.
Friends of the couple have decorated the room with a thick rug of green ferns and bright-red potted flowers.
It's the only site in the region decorated with images of sheep, along with antelope and ibex.
He also found evidence of richly decorated copper and gold work as well as small clay cones painted on their ends to adorn walls.
Cake tops get a glucose wash for a big shine, then are decorated with almonds and cherries.
The brightly decorated nooks work for any kind of dinner, from a group party to an intimate evening for two.
Streets were decorated and street names were changed.
Former generals and spies, intelligence officers and decorated soldiers.
The room is long and narrow, decorated in warm beiges, its walls and shelves lined with pictures and mementos.
The clay jars were enormous and highly decorated with multiple handles for easy movement.
Connie's house was old and cute, but not cutely decorated.
Tables were decorated with attractive ceramics from their favorite artisan.
The cake she chose was decorated with a spaceship and a launching pad under a sprinkling of white stars.
The pool is tailored for every individual's need, lined with chic benches and decorated with tranquil butterflies.
It is a whimsical place decorated in high style with incredible taste.
To underscore its name, it is decorated with sculptures and depictions of sharks and other predatory creatures.
The bottom of the swimming pool is decorated with two blue-tile dolphins.
The walls were decorated with blueprints of railroad cars.
His apartment was small but decorated to the nines with chintz-covered, overstuffed chairs.
One was decorated entirely with antique steering wheels mounted in frames.
They can be created and decorated in so many ways that the options are truly endless.

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