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Example sentences for decor

All of the rooms feature modern decor with contemporary furnishings.
The interior decor is full of bright colors and big booths.
Uniforms are out, as is standard decor, shelving and presentation.
Marble columns, gold decor and money are everywhere.
The decor was tired and dated, the only amenity was coffee, and there wasn't even a mini fridge to keep a bottle of milk cold.
The mice initially showed no preference for either decor, splitting their time evenly between the two compartments.
Its protective charm is an eye-catching addition to any decor.
Choose from four bevel-color styles to match your decor.
Choose eco-friendly decor for a healthy night's sleep.
Ambiance, decor or impressive food and service contribute to making dining an intimate, special occasion.
Inside this traditional brick pub, you'll find homey rooms with floral decor, scented lavender bags and bathrobes.
And here's our new fresh-from-the-garden office decor.
Add a splash of cheer to your holiday decor with glistening red berries from the garden.
Edibles are cropping up in decor, landscaping, even wreaths.
Choose any large pot and umbrella that match your garden decor and coordinate with each other.
The fairy castle decor provides a magical setting for story times featuring costumed characters.
Between the consignment malls packed with antiques and vintage goods are updated restaurants and home decor boutiques.
The cancer treatment is state-of-the-art, but the decor is decidedly behind the times.
He was always downstairs checking on the decor, sampling the soup, tasting the sauces.
Tells about the decor and the food in each restaurant.
Incorporating fiber into your home decor can be good for the soul.
The dEcor is trendy and clever, but the food doesn't hide behind wily frills.
The fun and friendly decor is the ideal ambiance for the exceptional, handcrafted beer and made-from-scratch, delicious food.

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