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Example sentences for decontaminate

Alcohol-based hand products decontaminate your hands only when they are already visibly clean.
Previous attempts to decontaminate buildings have been incomplete, or improperly done.
Others are installing and operating systems to decontaminate radioactive water.
Enzyme sprays could also be used in the food industry to decontaminate food, he says.
The team is also testing antiseptics that could be used to decontaminate caves in an attempt to stop the fungus's spread.
Employees who will decontaminate patients must be trained to identify when a hazardous substance is present.
The above procedure is designed to decontaminate a drain trap.
If you've recently used your boat in an infested lake or reservoir, you should decontaminate it immediately.
To decontaminate clothing, footwear and gear, please follow all relevant procedures listed below.
In some cases, a dilute solution of bleach will also be used to decontaminate you and/or your clothing.
Examine equipment that may become contaminated prior to servicing and/or shipping, and decontaminate it as necessary.
We have the staff and skills needed to decontaminate explosives residues from production equipment and munitions.
If contaminated, decontaminate yourself and resurvey.
Decontaminate cutting boards in between processing individual bats using one of the recommended products.
The fine mist remains long enough in the air to decontaminate any contamination in the air.
Using lasers to decontaminate the site of a chemical explosion.
Put tubes in plastic bag and decontaminate outside of that bag.
Decontaminate hands before donning sterile gloves when inserting a central intravascular catheter.
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