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The operators positively declined to accept the suggestion.
Finally one day he declined to go out with me, saying that he had a pain.
Hart, who declined to comment for this article, certainly did not intend this journalistic watershed to be his legacy.
It's unfortunate that our affiliates have declined to carry this mission.
It is called the total solar irradiance and it has not moved upwards in decades and has in fact declined slightly.
It then gradually declined due to increasingly cold weather.
The local marine crustaceans, although not harvested extensively, have declined in population.
If you think of cost as the distance of transporting goods then cost has declined enormously.
At first many declined to even bid on government contracts for the school lunch program.
Scientists don't know, however, when exactly the population declined.
It's true that the cost of solar electricity has declined over the past ten years.
In some of the infected mice, the virus appears to have declined to such low levels that the animals need no further treatment.
GE researchers have not published their work, and they declined to divulge much about their research achievements.
But returns actually stagnated and then declined-precipitously.
University officials declined to elaborate on the nature of the allegations.
He declined to specify the base salary his school offers.
Needless to say, the dean declined to submit the plan to a vote.
Payouts have declined ever since, even as rates of return have soared.
Several other highly selective colleges declined to comment or did not respond to requests for comment.
As the state burden for healthcare has risen, funding for higher education has declined.
The majority declined to say whether that search was unreasonable and required a warrant.
McCarthy declined to comment beyond her blog posting.
The company declined to say what the revenue split would be.
But when the editors were shown the novel they declined to run an excerpt.
Even so, several leading whaling countries declined to abide by it.
Perhaps mobility has declined because national variation in unemployment has declined.
He declined to take questions and promptly departed.
But to no avail: their abilities declined with each session.
The answer is normally that expectations for inflation or economic growth have declined.
Net sales have declined for the past four years and the camera division is unprofitable.
But while suggesting that a precise time limit be tied to the offer, it declined to set one.
Many firms need a flexible capital base to expand-one reason the partnership model in banking declined.
But actual inflationary expectations may not have declined as much as bond markets imply.
Levels of some toxins in fish have declined, but others pose new risks.
Sales volumes have declined steadily for six months, and prices are likely to follow.
The shift also reflects how much the city has declined in importance in the past decade.
But he then declined either to endorse its findings or present a serious plan of his own.
Police declined to say whether other prints may be on the bag.
He also declined to say what types of jobs were being cut, except to say the cuts were across all headquarters functions.
In the interview, she declined to say whether she'll offer a plan for universal coverage in her campaign.
She also declined to say how her group learned of the case.
The system has delivered enormous benefits for those at the top, but incomes at the bottom have stagnated, or even declined.
His bankers were concerned about the price of diamonds, which had declined worldwide.
It's also worth noting that this number hasn't declined much since jobs began growing last year.
Brought low by a thorough shelling from his opponents, he declined to bow out in the wake of his early losses.
The relative skills of successive immigrant waves have declined over much of the postwar period.
If unions declined to come to the table, local media and business leaders could ask why they were balking at billions of dollars.
As my own spirits declined, along with the pig's, the spirits of my vile old dachshund rose.
The state's attorney's office declined to file charges.
Diamond declined to comment on its relationship with growers.
Carloads of agriculture and consumer goods, chemicals, and paper and forest goods all declined.
He inaugurated his administration with a complete surprise: he declined the performance.
Unemployment gradually declined, but not to unusually low levels.
We know, for example, that crime declined among urban whites during the second half of the nineteenth century.
Still the state sector's share of the economy has steadily declined.
They declined, saying that they were in poor health and couldn't travel.
Manufacturing activity has declined, while reports of activity in the services sector have continued to be mixed.
The proportions of admissions from other referral sources declined.
Once again, he'd declined to publicize their role in solving a high-profile case.
He declined to return phone calls, and slammed the door in the face of the private eye they'd hired to track him down.
But in a field where smaller is usually better, tapes have steadily declined in size.

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