declarer in a sentence

Example sentences for declarer

East discarded a diamond when declarer led a trump to the king, and a relatively simple contract suddenly posed quite a problem.
West led a low spade, and declarer paused to consider the situation.
Declarer won in her hand and cashed the diamond ace.
Now declarer ran the heart jack and played a heart to her ten.
West led his fourth-highest heart, which declarer correctly won with dummy's ace.
Declarer, still with only eight winners, led a club to dummy's king.
But his trumps were sitting under declarer's length.
Declarer could see six top tricks: one spade, two hearts, two diamonds and one club.
Declarer trumped the heart return, ruffed a club high in the dummy, drew trumps and claimed.
West led the heart queen, which was ducked to declarer's king.
East won with his ace and led a club, but declarer ruffed and claimed.
Declarer would have done best to win with dummy's ace and play a trump.
The information in the declaration is the responsibility of the declarer.
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