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He declared that they were the same with those of his fellow-prisoner.
Five years later the civilian government was replaced by a military regime that soon declared a socialist republic.
Intellectuals and journalists with high profiles online are among those who have declared their candidacies.
It could also be the place where a long war was declared.
The world economy is rolled in on a gurney, prodded and poked, and declared to be suffering from a host of conditions.
During a visit to a southern boomtown he declared that economic gains could yet be lost without reforms to the political system.
The government declared a state of emergency for the area, a technical move that would release special funds.
It was recently declared the first condition of bubonic plague for the year was recorded.
Up to a point, yes and that point ought to have been declared.
Academics have declared the series dross, but one scholar finds in it true literary magic.
Thus, its top-hatted keepers have declared this nasty winter is soon to end.
The declarations form filled out by each traveler contains instructions as to what types of items must be declared.
He's an incredible president who for the first time has declared all-out war on the guerrillas.
They are places so wondrous that they inspire artists and poets, so captivating that they were declared national parks.
Fearful that mustard would soon be declared a meat, she quickly learned to be over articulate about food.
Matt, ever the showman, declared that soft serve would be on him all life long.
They declared the hippie dead, killed by greed, commercialism and media exposure.
The guest with the mirthless laugh declared that that was a pretty good description of marriage, period.
Laird had recently declared a new policy: no visitors, no phone calls.
Perez declared that bogus arrests, perjured testimony, and the planting of drop guns on unarmed civilians were commonplace.
But no sooner was the pink iguana identified than it was declared endangered.
Venter himself has declared these applications to be his primary commercial goals.
He declared, also, that the foundation of economic and so of national greatness is science and technology.
The team whose car completed the race with the best performance was declared the winner.
The gist of the article is that five to six times it has been declared that icing on wings has been completely solved.
But he was stuck where he was and so he declared war on a government that he felt had declared war on its own people.
It has, in self-defense, declared one war-the war on terrorism-that has no end in sight.
Strangely enough, at a time when modesty seems required, all sides have declared victory.
He has also declared those demonstrators who have died defying the government to be martyrs.
Nobody could quarrel with that declared selectivity in itself.
He had apparently followed her into a supply closet and declared his feelings.

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