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Little is known about stick insects, making it difficult to declare the vulnerability of their status in the wild.
First, declare that the scientific method doesn't apply to climate science.
More ancient still is a collection that scholars declare to be the world's oldest surviving joke book.
Many state governments are asking taxpayers to declare their e-commerce purchases when they file tax returns.
Even though the proportion of students who declare themselves teetotalers is slightly larger, the effects.
Declare the cats the victors, put him back together again and move him to a high shelf.
Colleges declare that they celebrate diversity and strive for a diverse student body.
All they did was declare that they investigated and it didn't happen.
It seems to me that either are ample reason to declare an energy emergency.
Sure it might take a week or longer to declare a winner, but playing intermittently is better than not playing at all.
Most pundits declare that this problem cannot be solved at sea.
He tried, without success, to persuade a judge to declare the statement inadmissible as evidence.
Companies declare their atoms on a balance sheet and depreciate them according to rigorous schedules.
The temptation for the outside world is to declare victory and shift attention to other, bloodier, conflicts.
The race was tight this year, but we've managed to declare a winner.
Some worry that graduates would rush to declare bankruptcy, handing losses to taxpayers.
My advisor had instructed me to always declare myself as a tourist for conference travel.
Declare financial exigency, or whatever in your system must be declared, to permit the layoff of faculty and staff members.
Something they will not likely get in the stand-alone course, which they might probably take before they even declare a major.
Some will declare victory if the robot learns to crawl or to identify basic objects.
Still, she was not ready to declare herself a singer.
To declare that one wanted to disprove a view would show too much faith in the ability to tell truth from falsehood.
All who see you will declare you to be the prettiest human being they ever beheld.
The former cannot be demonstrated, as its proponents declare that it is solely a question of belief.
Nevertheless, the incentive to declare a project as additional is powerful.
But he was not so much the idealist that he chose to declare it untrue.
Even if they declare, the latecomers would face a long, difficult road to the nomination.
The militants behind the killings do not declare themselves.
The urge to declare victory and get back to normal policy after an economic crisis is strong.
Respondents who reported that their thoughts had drifted from the task at hand were more likely to declare themselves unhappy.
Put the army on the border and declare a free-fire zone.
If they wanted more funding, they would declare the science uncertain.
Since it seemed impossible to answer the question, the way out was to declare the question meaningless.
We shouldn't declare them to be incompatible purely on the basis of what they are, which some people are tempted to do.
If you are in doubt about an item, pack it in your checked luggage and declare it when you arrive at the airport.
Leaders declare what they stand for, and then they're accountable for living by those standards.
We don't know how individual legislators would vote if they don't have to declare those votes.
Everyone else is ready to declare him guilty based on partial knowledge and inference.
If a coach did that today, sports writers would declare him a saint.
Declare these new directory trees each with its target flavor.
We will talk about how to declare an emergency, and what to expect during the procedure.

Famous quotes containing the word declare

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The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork.... more
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