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His declaration of this belief caused, he admitted, profound shock to those who knew him only as a sceptic.
It is a laudable declaration from an incredibly sophisticated political scientist.
The declaration proved compelling as a statement of principles, but too general and vague to be useful as a legal instrument.
But a declaration of victory for safe, clean water is highly premature.
It had said last month it was hoping to achieve a cold shutdown within the year but had not made a formal declaration.
When returning from abroad, you must complete a customs declaration form.
But even before the meeting begins, some critics are saying that the declaration that is.
As profound a declaration as this is, it means nothing.
Onlookers are utterly subordinated to the dominating and exotic declaration.
Her statement said the requirement of an exigency declaration remains in place under university policy.
The group's latest declaration was made from a position of weakness.
My purposefully dismissive declaration is meant to mark a two-fold resentment.
It's a symbolic declaration that physical photographs are dead and should literally be buried.
But some wonder how sincere that declaration is, really.
The declaration may yet be whittled away to nothing.
The annulment is not something that ends your marriage, it is a declaration that a marriage never existed in the first place.
Within a couple seconds of his declaration, it was obvious it wasn't true.
The emails seem pretty casual and jokey to me, not some serious declaration of his deepest feelings.
Once a bomber has completed his declaration, it would be humiliating for him to back out of the mission.
The lyrics aren't specifically about the debt ceiling: they are a declaration of romantic persistence.
The reality is always a might removed from a specific declaration of thickness.
He had to have lied in his declaration when purchasing the gun that he had never been committed.
No amount of planetary evidence will dent this declaration of faith.
Besides, unlike two of those, there is no way of knowing that your silly declaration is true.
She was smiling as she said it, but in fact it was a declaration of war.
The day before he had handed in a declaration of his income, which was perfectly honest, because he had little to declare.
His declaration of interest, as so often, is extremely discreet.
The theater people responded with a declaration of support.

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