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Example sentences for decking

Treated maple is also being adopted for decking on yachts.
Use products such as recycled plastic or composite wood decking and trim.
Decking, floors and even insulation can be made from recycled wood and plastics.
He's built us some amazing decking out of all recycled materials.
The main parts of a suspension bridge are its towers, cables, decking and anchorages.
Discovery is a ship that abounds with elegant architectural curves and lovely teak decking.
They feature granite countertops, teak decking and plenty of storage space.
Decking, showers, and a lounge with cabanas were added to each one.
The sailboats are equipped with teak decking, eclectic artwork and rich wood interiors.
Some units have lovely private yards with river rock and concrete slab decking.
IF you're decking the halls this holiday season, forget the holly.
She tucked the picture into the pocket of my pants, which were lying neatly folded on the decking.
She has no masts, no rigging, and hardly any decking.
Openings through the decking shall be cut square and shall be reinforced as recommended by the decking manufacturer.
The boardwalk will be constructed of steel framing and posts and composite wood decking, curbing and guardrails.
Decking is made of a composite of rice hulls and recycled plastic and the exterior stucco is made of recycled tires.
The guidelines call for grated decking, which allows for more light to transmit through the water column than normal decking.
Repair work on the trusses will begin when the bridge decking is in place.
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