deckhouse in a sentence

Example sentences for deckhouse

Deckhouse floor shall be covered with rubber floor matting, installed over an acoustic foam underlayment or equivalent.
Two pole masts, one abaft the pilothouse and the other abaft the deckhouse, are rigged with a signal yardarm and running lights.
The modification includes replacing the existing upper deckhouse and pilothouse areas.
The main hatch is amidships between the mast and the deckhouse.
Two hatches, fore and aft of the main deckhouse, opened into the cargo holds.
Note deckhouse aft and stacked fishing dories amidships.
The manhole cover plate to the void below the forward starboard wing tank deckhouse was not secured in place.
The vessel was built with a single welded steel deckhouse with an elevated steel pilothouse, which remains without modification.
The crewman is caught off guard and is thrown forward, slamming his head into the deckhouse wall.
It requires the removal of deckhouse enclosures and other detachable parts while the submarine is still afloat.
Bulwarks in the forward one third of the vessel may not form a well with the deckhouse which could retain water.
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