decipherable in a sentence

Example sentences for decipherable

Even when it is big enough to be decipherable, it usually carries little meaning.
He seemed so closed off, so contained and decipherable in his retirement.
He left behind him reams of unpublished and barely decipherable manuscripts of his lecture courses, seminars, and conferences.
Paintings in part decipherable, but mostly unspeakable.
Only the complete and decipherable information will be indexed, and reflected in the acknowledgment letter.
Information encoded by one vendor likely will not be decipherable by another vendor's device or encoding software.
Descriptors should be intuitive and rapidly decipherable.
By conducting the above scale up or down operations, trend deviation and pattern development are more decipherable.
In some cases, the letters were readily decipherable as related to a specific part of the case.
Jacobs continued talking but it was not decipherable as he was away from a microphone.
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