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They are learning to decipher the hieroglyphics of their ancestors -- a vast legacy left on stone, bark paper, and ceramic.
Scientists are studying wild and captive dolphins to decipher their secret language.
Get some kid interested in those glyphs and he might even decipher the darn things.
Her colleagues at work no longer have to help her decipher her payslip.
The singer alternately shouts and mumbles, making it difficult to decipher more than a couple of words.
Retirement plan fees are often difficult to decipher, even for employers.
They're a huge media conglomerate: surely they have someone who can decipher budgetary memos.
It's a headache trying to decipher your typing "skillz".
Computer-analyzed magnetic resonance imaging was used to decipher the molecule's complicated structure.
Well, not everyone is expected to go charging off to the library to try to decipher the works of difficult writers.
There are various references that help you to decipher the statistics.
Scientists are studying these sounds to decipher their meaning.
Watching which directions the fans point over time can help scientists decipher local weather conditions around the planet's pole.
They wanted to take the measure of the mountain, to study its rocks and sample its gases, to decipher its methods and moods.
Sometimes, data that is needed to decipher how atmospheric conditions affected a particular location and case is not available.
Weathers has brought together scientists from different disciplines to decipher this natural system.
In the game, players work together to decipher the structures of proteins.
Perhaps someday, scientists will decipher the genes that allow these parasites to take over minds as well as bodies.
They read the activity of the local neurons to decipher the monkey's commands.
Once scientists began to decipher the molecules of heredity, such an explanation became obsolete.
In essence, they want to decipher the cortical persistent differences between high-delayers and low-delayers.
Humans are pretty good at using context to decipher typos, though the annoyance quickly drains one's good will toward the author.
The device requires training the brain to decipher the implant's stimulus and does not replace or completely restore hearing.
Retailers should be straight with their customers, who are in no mood to decipher some muddled marketing pitch.
Students will be able to encipher and decipher messages using these methods.

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