decimation in a sentence

Example sentences for decimation

Decimation of these bats could have a devastating effect on tropical ecosystems on three continents.
Hunting of the species and decimation of its prey and habitat have been the cause of its demise.
Trauma and personal loss obviously play a role in this, but the decimation of the city's physical environment surely does as well.
Of course, there is also now an increasing risk of high volume population decimation by pathogens or other effects.
It is criminal to permit the sufferings and decimation of species local and imported.
The loss of entire ecosystems due to the decimation of habitat.
It comes with access software and routines to facilitate decimation based on a standard line-reduction algorithm.
The resulting unsustainable collection of plants for commercial markets led to rapid decimation of wild populations.
The decimation of sharks in an estuarine ecosystem caused an outbreak of cow-nosed rays and the collapse of shellfish populations.
The long-term effect of uncontrolled violations is a denigration of fisheries, sometimes to the point of decimation.
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