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Example sentences for decimated

It is also a preventible disease that has almost decimated our army through want of proper sanitary precautions.
Once clutched, items could be decimated by gold-plated mirrors that focus sunlight.
The reason: oceanic fish populations have been decimated.
Labour is now decimated and destroyed, unemployment is not an aberration.
But shark populations are being decimated at a frightening pace, killed in large part simply for their fins.
And then he decimated them, wiping out the databases with the ease of an arsonist flicking a match.
Hendricks heard the team was decimated and wanted to help.
The manatee population was decimated by centuries of extensive hunting.
And then there are the carp, which have decimated habitats and dominated native fish in the race for food.
But human lust for elephants' ivory spawned a now illegal trade that decimated many populations, some of which remain endangered.
These decimated systems offer a grim look at the fate of our own solar system when the sun dies five billion years from now.
As radioactive fallout spreads, nearby forests are decimated.
When elks get decimated, wolves are looking for other prey.
Falling home prices nearly halted the building of new houses, and the home construction workforce was decimated.
They cheered when the court decimated the campaign spending laws.
Its economy was strongly correlated to the housing boom, so obviously its economy has been decimated by this recession.
Without these, the organic apple industry would be decimated.
It wasn't only that he destroyed lives and decimated charities.
Modified immune cells decimated chronic lymphocytic leukemia, scientists found.
Feral cats and neighboring farmers that let theirs roam free have decimated the food-chain in my woods.
Any area decimated by overfishing will decline in economic value.
They introduced foreign germs that may have decimated both the animals and their skilled tenders.
In times of plenty populations boomed, only to be decimated by recurring famine or diseases caused by unsuitable diets.
Several indigenous groups have had their cultures decimated.
All cash nest egg savings would be decimated gradually.
The citizen can see the value of their homes decimated, see their incomes fall, their unemployment rise and their taxes soar.
Its population was decimated in the past century by commercial fishing and dams that sealed off its migratory spawning routes.
The cost per car was huge, plus he decimated the used-car market.
Punitive raids as well as the spread of diseases brought in by settlers decimated their ranks.
The fungus which decimated potato crops created a devastating famine.
Nearly all of these collectors were decimated during the crash.
The brown tree snake has decimated the island's population of birds and small mammals and amphibians.
In the absence of predators such as the sea otter, kelp forests can be decimated by grazers such as sea urchins.
The failure of two consecutive rainy seasons decimated vegetation, including food crops and pasture for livestock.
Within a few days, however, citizens were able to return to the decimated city.
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