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It is possible that Polynesian rats, arriving with human settlers, may have eaten enough seeds to help to decimate the trees.
The fawns decimated my rose bushes.
In a footnote of his 152-page ruling, he discounted fears that invalidating such patents would decimate the industry.
They did not dominate, or decimate, or elicit fear across the league.
He encounters a world in flux, where human colonization threatens to decimate the jungle and its countless natural resources.
Alzheimer's can take 10 years or longer to decimate the brain.
There were worries that the new visa requirements would decimate our postgraduate numbers.
Surely something better will come along to decimate the status quo.
If it continues much longer, it will decimate the local and state economy.
Plants may harbor pests that could decimate whole crops.
And many invaders actually boost biodiversity, not decimate it.
As someone already mentioned: a snake of this size would decimate appropriate size food species in it's huge hunting territory.
When you decimate a building, it slowly crumbles to the ground as waves of smoke seep from the wreckage.
Instead, he paid thugs to decimate the workers and gave his money to those who hadn't earned it.
But publishers were concerned that lower prices would decimate their profits.
These spring-migrating birds can decimate an entire year's quota of trout if the birds key in on an easy food source.
Hull said it's becoming clear that a few small herds of cattle or horses can decimate large swaths of a panda's feeding ground.
Severe varroa infestations can decimate a hive if measures aren't taken to stop them.
In these introduced areas, green crabs are pests that decimate shellfish.
New, unknown diseases and a declining birth rate would decimate a once healthy population.
In these introduced areas, green crabs are commonly devastating pests that decimate native shellfish.
Unfortunately, it took the explorers and the settlers who followed only a few decades to decimate these resources.
These animals could not be allowed to be released into the wild as they would decimate the local agricultural industry.
Introduced diseases or parasites can decimate island fox populations.
Big game hunters will see management that allows the wolf not to decimate our big game herds.
Wild hog, pheasant, and chicken populations can decimate crops due to lack of natural predators.
Caterpillars can decimate the vine in summer, but quickly recovers.

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Every doctor will allow a colleague to decimate a whole countryside sooner than violate the bond of profess... more
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