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Many brokerage firms have also made the decimal transition in the statements sent to customers.
The investment consultants earn their reward for scrutinising, down to the decimal point, how well various managers have done.
Storage manufacturers often quote capacity using the decimal system.
We used bottle caps to understand the decimal system.
All you've done is convert the difference in ppm to a decimal percentage of atmospheric volume.
Under a decimal system, share prices would be expressed in pennies, further narrowing price spreads.
But it only goes to show that imperialism does still outweigh decent and decimal democracy.
The coordinates were accurate to five decimal places.
For now, you can use those decimal fractions only for comparison purposes.
Leaving aside contingency-fee snakes, the rest of us snakes sell our services by the hour, usually in decimal increments.
Given how contrived this decimal is, you might suppose irrationality is rare.
Tom got so much into them, he even explored them in other bases besides decimal.
Penner's comic talents was that they came to the square root of zero, extended to the fifth decimal point.
However, it would not make it impossible, unless the division of the electoral votes were carried into several decimal places.
They track their grade-point averages to multiple decimal places and have longer résumés than their parents.
Metric nomenclature follows the same order, but measurements are in decimal form instead of fractions, and indicate millimeters.
Prices entered with decimal points will be rounded up to the nearest whole number.
They fit the model perfectly, to many decimal places, across thousands of experiments ranging from subatomic to interstellar.
Of course, all that can change with one inflammatory sentence or a couple of misplaced decimal points.
Hiring a guy with a briefcase full of decimal points.
The small cogged wheel counted decimal places, clicking each time the pointer made a revolution.
Enter in the space provided the decimal amount from the following table.
In computer-readable files, the decimal point is implied.
Add the result of both divisions to derive the decimal portion of a degree.
Enter in the space provided the decimal amount from the follow- ing table.

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It makes little sense to spend a month teaching decimal fractions to fourth-grade pupils when they can be t... more
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