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My reaction to his speech, however, was decidedly mixed.
To study the biology of tameness, the scientists needed to create a group of decidedly untame animals.
The literature on the subject is decidedly mixed, she says, and more work is required.
Still others, for example the treadmill desktop, are decidedly low-tech but no less interesting.
They are decidedly low-energy experiments, usually conducted on lab benches the size of dining-room tables.
The model is not the same as reality, and our models up until fractals and chaos were decidedly different from the natural world.
The pillow is, and will likely remain, a decidedly non-digital device.
The decidedly critical comments on the second page of the article may explain why the check never arrived.
The sounds of celebration, however, have been decidedly muted.
The cancer treatment is state-of-the-art, but the decor is decidedly behind the times.
Over the past decade, the performance of three-star and four-star leaders has been decidedly mixed.
The other examines his decidedly unnatural comportment in the presence of ordinary people.
Also, the oak was going to look decidedly weird with our maple cabinets, so we'd have to paint the cabinets white.
The film was recognized for its decidedly apolitical approach to the war.
The combination of a large cranium and immature face would look decidedly unusual to modern eyes, but not entirely unfamiliar.
In this scenario, the bad matches cancel out the good ones in any individual, and everyone ends up being decidedly average.
His next project, also pictured, was decidedly lower tech.
Most improvised bombs used by insurgents are decidedly low-tech, jury-rigged affairs.
But this week a ship's crew foiled a hijacking with help from a decidedly older technology: a message in a bottle.
Its prospects for a return to power look decidedly slim.
But my editor makes the point that my post on the subject takes a decidedly bilateral view of real exchange rates.
Yet it is a lesson that governments remain decidedly reluctant to learn.
Being decidedly local also carries other, idiosyncratic risks.
And when it is tested every five years, the evidence to support it seems decidedly weak.
The others, who were decidedly weak, did not seem to have realised that their fingers could help.
Then, with the next wave of technology, the vision becomes decidedly futuristic.
As the century draws to a close, the simple notion of price has turned decidedly ambiguous.
All of this is a decidedly mixed blessing for telecoms operators.
Yet the situations in which he casts himself-either digitally or through collage-are decidedly irreverent.
Svelte, graceful and with a sense of humor, she flits around her decidedly portlier colleagues.
They're decidedly not meant for the nursery-school set nor for a fashionable sophisticate.
The magic ingredient is decidedly low-tech: personal recommendations.
It's hardly three-on-a-tree, but it still looks decidedly retro.
Soviet doctors called it psychiatry, but sometimes it seemed decidedly unscientific.
What all those surveys showed was decidedly unappetizing.
Although the goal of these trucks is to be quick, convenient and cheap, they are decidedly anti--fast food.

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