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He appears to have deceived himself by the use of the word scientific as applied to the natural scale.
We felt deceived by his overstatement of his academic expertise.
For one thing, he clearly deceived the public about how severe were his medical problems.
His glum, deceived heroes are not tired of life, they are tired of spying.
Many people come to believe it, but they are all deceived by a common source.
He has deceived even the well-meaning in the sciences.
Bill confronts his father about lying to his fiancee, but finds out that he is the one that's actually been deceived.
He knows he is being deceived, and he complains about it.
Deceived though he was on this occasion, he had a gift for identifying the great historical developments of the day.
These were the people who had led the race, and it was as if they had been deceived, suddenly abandoned to chance.
Beware that your hearts are not deceived, and that you do not turn away and serve other gods and worship them.
But the core problem was not that investors were deceived in any literal sense.
Being deceived by our senior political leaders certainly didn't change that, nor did it help morale at all.
Thus deceived, the ants feed and protect the caterpillar, while the caterpillar grows ever larger.
Don't be deceived by the peace in this sun-kissed plaza: blood has run over these cobblestones.
The sense of bodily ownership can even be deceived in normal, healthy people, through the use of illusions.
It's true that you were deceived, but you appear to have let yourself be deceived rather easily.
They believe that they have tapped into some special knowledge that others have missed or have been deceived into rejecting.
She capitalized knowing there's a big audience of easily deceived people.
Heaven in punishing the culpable does not permit itself to be deceived by the breadth of a hair.
She was favoured with the gifts of miracles and prophecy: but said she had been sometimes deceived by the devil.
No one was deceived by his pretense of professional activity.
But here lest you be deceived, one thing you must look more narrowly upon.
The true way to be deceived is to think oneself more knowing than others.
We shall not in future be deceived, therefore, by any changes that are produced in water.
It is more disgraceful to suspect our friends than to be deceived by them.
He whom fortune has never deceived, rarely considers the uncertainty of human events.
Because the eye consumes area more easily than number, the reader is subtly deceived about the weight of the problem.
Money should go first, and perhaps only, to those who can show they were defrauded or deceived.
It's easy to be deceived by the pace of progress if you are living it.
The book is saying that the best way to avoid being deceived by magic tricks is to learn to do the tricks yourself.
Success and fame may please him but he is not deceived.
In this instance, key officials appear to have deceived themselves.
The callousness with which poor people are deceived, ignored, and dismissed.
Yet even when the previews spill every narrative bean in sight, your eyes may well be deceived.
Yemenis are highly suspicious of their government and expect to be deceived.
We have been deceived many times with rate hikes and ridiculous fees that were hidden.

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Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.... more
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