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Example sentences for deceit

Certainly there was no evidence of deceit or fraud or dishonesty or what have you.
Ayres and others are also working on technological solutions that would prevent this type of deceit.
Fraud, deceit, or malice had not then meddled themselves with plainness and truth.
Sometimes there are not two sides to the story unless you see deliberate deceit as having equal weight with ethical actions.
But his entire position is built upon deceit and deception.
In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
The intent may not be deceit but there will be bias.
The deceit has provoked questions about faculty ethics.
Many couples commit monetary deceit in their marriages.
But this coupling has always been something of a convenient political deceit.
The truth is that deceit and tragedy, along with happy stories, are part of the picture.
Their apparent smoothness is a deceit.
While all seems at loose ends, the narrative threads gradually come together in an intricate web of deceit and murder.
If he could not, that meant fear of being caught had parched his throat, and his deceit was confirmed.
The students and their parents are subjected to the same deceit as the professors who work there.
They will, after all, be caught in their own web of deceit when exam time comes.
Given that information, the skilled polygrapher can redirect the interview in hopes of making evasiveness or deceit obvious.
Go to a movie, and odds are that the plot will revolve around deceit in some shape or form.
Deceit is not a proper tool to use for success or longevity in sales or public life.
To believe that one could, in the long run, enter a state of successful self-control is self-deceit.
He can compliment her honestly now that lust and its deceit have left him.
We were living in a time of lies, deceit, and alienation.
And then imagine that all the charges were dropped after her accuser turns out to have a long history of deceit.
Its management would stop reaping big profits based on lies and deceit.
The level of deceit which drips off her answers is nauseating.
We all knew that these aggressive officers had merely pushed accepted standards of exaggeration and deceit a little too far.
If you think well to carry this, as you may, the doubleness of the benefit defends the deceit from reproof.
Under an affected modesty he concealed a soul full of deceit, and capable of all crimes.
Company executives then compounded incompetence with deceit.
The greed and deceit of its bosses have tarred everybody.
The shameful deceit of the public is coming to a much belated, but thankful end.
Aside from presenting the appearance of deceit, this prevents others from finding legitimate mistakes.
Trained in science and mathematics, this aristocrat had a concept of total war embracing diplomatic deceit and economic warfare.
His ear for the language, his gift for the landscape of foolishness and deceit are so offhand and accurate they do not alienate.
It is not wise to build a movement for social change on deceit.
Later he found other quick movements of deceit: part of a hand shrug, the brief lift of a shoulder.
Viewers will have to work to keep up with all the shifting perspectives and layers of deceit.
If the source's physical appearance does not match his story, it may be an indication of deceit.
Elephants face a grim struggle against greed and deceit.
Fraud and deceit with respect to securities or securities business.

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