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Other objects revealed the deceased's social status.
The scientists evaluated the femurs (or thigh bones) of 121 deceased men for whom they had both weight and height.
Tomb drawings often show the deceased person meeting gods and facing challenges during his or her journey in the afterlife.
My condolences to the families of the deceased.
But speaking ill of the deceased outside of this context is taboo.
Generally, when someone is in critical condition or deceased, it is the hospital or police who notifies next of kin.
Denson wrote the lyrics in memory of his deceased mother, Lillie.
The deceased, who was a man of fine presence, was 40 years of age.
George is deceased, and earth is but his tomb.
Two deceased writers are selected for the honor annually.
Furthermore, the above sentence again points to my deceased friend, who so lightly took refuge in cocaine injections.
The pomp of tedious and elaborate monuments they contemn, as things grievous to the deceased.
As such, neither the deceased nor their families consented to the use of the corpses in the exhibit.
What is special here is the occasional durability of the deceased's remains.
Bands show up at hospitals and they also play for the deceased.
The shapes are meant to highlight a part of deceased's life.
But at night, the deceased's companions would gather to mourn.
It usually includes expressing feelings about the loss, reviewing memories about the deceased and finding meaning in the loss.
The researchers admit that they did not conduct a postmortem on any of the deceased.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust and the deceased to the breakfast table as delicious reprocessed protein food products.
They are considering using crematorium heat to also warm up the family members of the deceased.
They are traditionally selected from among boys considered to be reincarnations of deceased office-holders.
But it did not say anything about telling relatives about the fate of a deceased.
Other cultures have a more comfortable relationship with the deceased, and even commune with the spirits of ancestors.
But the entire final segment of the show was a long tribute to a deceased academic.
The funeral director had a boilerplate letter and simply filled in my name, my relationship to the deceased, and the dates.
My deepest sympathies go out to the friends and family of the deceased.
Spending time at the deceased relative's grave site is customary with the holiday.
The police make an inventory of the deceased's belongings.
Along the way deceased relatives or spiritual figures may appear offering comfort.
Some came from long-deceased members of living species including the emu, an owl and a duck.
No wonder that those needing a kidney vastly exceed the number of kidneys available from deceased donors.
Given his obsession with the deceased, this may be construed as appropriate.
Still, the sense remains that this strange, gorgeous room could be a chamber in heaven designed for deceased futurists.
The only indoor part was a receiving line meeting the families of the deceased.
Use this procedure to process payments for a deceased employee.

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