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If you make a four-season garden you have to learn to accept decay and see the beauty of it.
And along with this physical decay comes spiritual sickness.
The chemicals of decay were sampled by three collectors inserted through holes in the plastic sheet.
We have hung pigs in trees to see how decay differs from when the animal rests on the ground.
Today, according to these studies, the incidence of tooth decay is universally low regardless of fluoridation.
His first subjects were people he would see on the streets and rusty machinery that he felt captured society in decay.
With dental decay now less troublesome, more people are turning their attention to improving the appearance of their teeth.
Many studies demonstrate the retention decay rate of information delivered by lecture.
The radioactive decay that produces this heat produces neutrinos, too.
Four main factors affect the pace and completeness of decay.
Once up in space, satellites simply decay until they either croak or someone comes to fix them.
Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria that line the teeth feed on simple sugars, creating acid that destroys enamel.
The point of the experiment is that radioactive decay is a quantum process.
Alternative free weekly, covering local-interest articles from graffiti artists to urban decay to city ordinances.
Radiation given off by an element's decay is unique and some of the decays produce alpha particles of distinct energy.
The miniature power cells will use radioactive decay for energy.
Wood in direct contact with concrete, and the dampness often found there, will rapidly decay.
On this view, if you set up a democracy, it will soon decay into dictatorship.
When they were interred here, they must have appeared as symbols of purity amongst the decay.
Most respond to the existing light field and decay back to their original ground state.
Composting is the gardener's way to use nature's decay of organic ingredients.
Gal-Yam says that it is the radioactive decay of the nickel that kept the explosion glowing for months.
Most subatomic particles last only a few slivers of a second after a collision and then decay into other particles.
Because it contains fluorine, it also offers protection against decay.
He still has much on his plate: unemployment remains high in the city synonymous with urban decay and poverty.
They can be engineered according to sound biological science that manages the decay part of the cycle.
The natural process of radioactive decay has already removed some toxic particles from the environment.
From the rate of decay physicists expect to calculate the universe's predicted lifetime.
Both need to find ways of stemming environmental decay.
Under the rich turquoise-colored surface, dead coral towers lie in pieces, blanketed with a fine layer of decay.
It's responsible for obesity and tooth decay around the world.
In general, asteroids are heated by the decay of radioactive atoms scattered throughout their insides.
The longer the decay lifetime, the less the radiation emitted per gram of radio-isotope.
If you leave them alone, they will eventually decay and release methane in the atmosphere.
When the researchers came back two months later, the cages were empty, and the bats a brown sludge of decay on the floor.
For many dentists, the laser has revolutionized cavity hunting by spotting even the slightest decay.
The rafflesia's five fleshy petals begin to rot soon after they blossom, giving off an odor of decay.
And fluoride use began because it was thought that fluoridation reduced tooth decay.
Presents practical solutions to ward off environmental decay.
Workers may be discouraged or their skills may decay.
Unless they are carefully maintained, moisture can enter the wood and foster decay.
But what online relationships are good for is to stall the decay of a relationship.
And day by day, the radioactive decay in the reactor cores is ebbing.
Both suffer familiar urban quandaries of frustration and decay.
As a result, it prevents organic decay and helps preserve such objects.
So they go vacant and decay and the whole neighborhood goes down.
In short, a design corruption and divergence over time accompanied by genetic decay.
Crack was certainly a problem, but it was more of a symptom than a cause of urban decay.
As these currents travel, the water loses oxygen as dead algae, plankton and other organic matter decay.
Something more than masks and amulets, however, was needed to protect the flesh of the deceased from decay.
These stages begin with growth, mature and move towards decay.
The feathers appear to have fared much better, because they are fine and are not composed of material that decay easily.
There is a great difference of opinion over the cause of this family decay.
Or, more properly, the signatures of their decay into more prosaic subatomic bits can be detected.
One cannot place a rotten apple in a bowl of apples and keep the decay from spreading.
For years it has been utterly given over to dirt and to decay.
As time went by, his knowledge would decay while that of his questioners improved.
And our last president is accountable for the decay of our intelligence and security that preceded this nightmare.
The one thing you learn from history is that inattention to national finances is the surest sign of decay in global power.
Some of that sequence is speeded up, to show the relentless drive of fleshly decay.
It's part of a moral decay that dishonors those that stood behind me today and risked their lives for this country.
Tooth decay is often caused by poor dental hygiene, although the tendency to get tooth decay is partly inherited.
They have sightless eyes as embryos, but the organs decay as the animal ages and are eventually scaled over by the fish's body.
Existing facilities are in a state of decay, and a lack of security has left many of the gorge's treasures vulnerable to damage.
The size and density of some dinosaur bones, they said, may help shield internal structures from decay.
At that time, a problem arose because it seemed that both energy and angular momentum were not conserved in beta-decay.
The disease is due to faulty or absence of communication between neurons in the brain because of decay.
Hypoxia results when the rate of this widespread organic decay outpaces fresh supplies of oxygenated surface water.
One boron compound is used to treat wood to prevent fungal decay and repel carpenter ants, roaches and termites.
Flee, sloth, for the indolence of the soul is the decay of the body.
But he that plots to be the only figure amongst ciphers is the decay of a whole age.
The second hindrance is the decay of home discipline.
There are in our present condition no visible signs of decrepitude and decay.
In theory, if the rogue's crust contained radioactive elements, their decay could keep the surface warm enough for life.
Under normal conditions, these quickly decay to become lower-energy up or down quarks.
Graffiti was once considered a sign of urban decay, the sort of thing that might keep tourists away from a neighborhood.
Neutrinos are tiny sub-atomic particles released by star's nuclear reactions and radioactive decay.
For that reason, too, they decay at the same rate and go through the same phases of decomposition.
In zones of increased turbulence, the planes' wakes will decay more quickly and the effect will diminish.
Positrons are the antimatter equivalent of electrons, and are produced in a rare type of radioactive decay.
It fears that further decay might push firms overseas.
Typically this shortfall is made up by government subsidies, or by allowing the infrastructure to decay.
For the future, a judgment call has to be made as to how rapidly the add factors should decay.
For example, all neutrinos formed during radioactive decay spin in the same direction.
Atoms sometimes release alpha particles during radioactive decay.
They remind us of mortality, of decay, of our own fragility.
But unlike a radioactive atom, which either decays or doesn't, the false vacuum can decay in some places but not in others.
When algae die and decay, they suck oxygen out of the water, which encourages the buildup of organic matter on the seafloor.
The new results, though preliminary, suggest a useful new avenue of research for scientists seeking to reverse memory decay.
Some hypotheses suggest that the particles produced by collisions will decay into dark matter, which could then be studied.
Positive muons emit their decay positrons not in random directions but preferentially along the axis of rotation.
Because shipworms don't care for these cold, low-salt waters, shipwrecks can endure for centuries without great decay.
The second trick is to build a magnetic trap to help contain the particles so that they don't instantly decay.
Some of those have long decay chains with the first part of the chain producing a lot less radiation.
Now if one of these electrons is in an excited state that state will decay with the emission of a photon.
For centuries, natural philosophers declared the heavens to be beyond decay and change.
Different elements decay in different ways, and so they send off gamma rays with different energies, too.
Phosphate rock sequesters uranium, thorium, and decay daughters.
If they are only intended to operate for a short time, then this doesn't matter, so they are simply allowed to decay and reenter.
Beneath this anaerobic quilt the normal decay of organic materials was checked, preserving the site.
They showed that false vacuum decay proceeds via the nucleation of bubbles in the false vacuum.
There are two processes at work here: the rate of neutron decay and the rate at which neutrons escape from the bottle.
If the electrons are not extracted fast enough, they decay, releasing their energy as either heat or light.
Already, external doses are rapidly declining as a result of the decay of short-lived isotopes.
Nuclear reactors produce radioactive by-products that decay at different rates.
These bursts have x-ray afterglows which sometimes decay quickly and in other cases plateau for tens of thousands of seconds.
So the picture he's driving at is that in some spiral galaxies, bars form, decay and reform in a cycle.
Cell-phone signals careen off buildings, hillsides and each other, creating interference and decay.
For example, it shows that the decay of subatomic particles is necessarily probabilistic.
But the backlash to disco as a contribution to moral decay was intense.
Tooth decay is prevalent among poor children opinions.
The previous year's row had been left to decay some over the winter and then planted with pumpkins.
Heat is generated by the radioactive decay of elements in the granite, but it can't escape.

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