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The search for longevity genes is a reflection of the 20th-21st centuries science decadence.
Then come oracles against the apostasy and moral decadence of the people.
On first glance, the salon delivered all the glamour and decadence expressed in the advertisements.
It has long been high time for that taxpayer-funded waste, abuse, and decadence to end.
The sign's of a long and inexorable decadence are quite clear.
It was not just the corruption and decadence of urban society that he was renouncing, but the formal culture that went with it.
Really, previous ages of decadence would look upon the modern avant-garde with amazement and admiration.
The casino's leading opponents are less concerned with elegance than decadence.
Advances in mathematics, astronomy, science and writing are ignored in favor of a focus on the Mayans' decadence and barbarism.
No real or full explanation of this singular decadence has ever yet been given; probably none is possible.
We prefer out politicians seasoned with humor, and maybe a touch of decadence.
The problems of decadence are demonstrably located in the broader cultural context.
The other is that they're noble and pure people uncorrupted by the decadence of modern society.
Extremely long spans for rulers are probably bad, too, because stasis and decadence sets in.
We have a name for sophistication and complexity to no purpose: decadence.
The decadence of family authority and coherence due to this cause is indubitable.
Or perhaps, seen from the other side: freedom from oppression, purity from decadence.
But a second cause was at work to increase this exhaustion and to hasten the decadence of an art that had lost its freshness.
Well, let us not lose our heads over this, any more than over other prophecies of our national decadence.
Illustrating the antiquarian and academic interest in the theatre which accompanied its decadence.
They were a wholesome and pleasant contrast to the rondeaux and delicate decadence of which healthy readers had grown sick.
Time, surely, to put social inclusion before defiant decadence.
The request of the people for a plebiscite is an expression of the decadence of the actual political system.
But the luxury, decadence, and relentless beauty of the island prove too much to handle.
Such behavior shows contempt for other life forms, verging on decadence.
The secret ingredients: a little decorum and a dash of decadence.
Decadence and poor vigor have remained high in the population in all sample years.
Reliance on natural fire alone will not slow the continued shrub encroachment and prairie decadence.
When he returned the people awoke from their decadence.

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An age which is incapable of poetry is incapable of any kind of literature except the cleverness of a decadencemore
The goal of every culture is to decay through over-civilization; the factors of decadence,—luxury, scepti... more
As a youth, I sought out decadence; as an elder, I try to avoid decay.... more
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