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Your mortgage payment becomes suddenly unmanageable, or a pile of debts gradually rises above your head.
She heard stories of children toiling in factories to pay off their parents' unending debts.
Members can only apply for future loans once the group catches up on some of its outstanding debts.
They may not be able to pay debts or pay for a wedding.
He apparently sued over debts as small as two shillings.
Some of his effects were auctioned off to pay his debts.
They must pledge everything they own to make good their syndicates' debts if losses outrun profits.
Their hours are long, their wages low, and many have debts from their schooling amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.
What the pellet jobs are doing is paying off financial debts.
It's not normal or healthy to run up huge debts, public or private.
It was succeeding left wing governments who wound up taming the debts and deficits.
For example, it legislated that debts were to be completely forgiven every seven years.
Then there's the misconception that if you don't pay your debts, the mob will break your legs.
But, relieved of its debts, the economy would eventually start growing again.
Because of his financial problems, the house had to be sold at a sheriff's auction to pay off debts.
His father's gambling debts forced the family to move repeatedly, and eventually his temperamentally mismatched parents separated.
Adding interest and penalties, many will face decades paying off six-figure debts.
Degas, who was scrupulous about such things, made himself responsible for his brother's debts.
Debts contracted by betting, gambling, or verbal promise.
One who hath sinned much stands indebted for the gracious pardon of exceeding great debts.
To pay their debts is their national point of honor.
But he had also to earn his bread and pay his debts.
He made an arrangement with his creditors and set himself to pay his debts.
Additionally, any surplus revenue the colleges generate typically goes to servicing their debts.
In theory, smaller debts should be easier to repay than larger ones.
The wise grad student doesn't collect expensive possessions or debts.
One says pay off your highest-interest debts first, then use the extra money to pay off the lower interest debts.
And going back to the scriptures there are those little proscriptions against establishing impossible to pay debts.
Some of our best and brightest are in a situation where it is mathematically impossible to pay their debts.
But try telling that to parents or to students with rising loan debts.
Debts must be collected and loans and mortgages foreclosed as soon as possible.
It's not uncommon for students to graduate with unsustainable debts especially relative to possible incomes.
The money freed up by not paying off debts went into savings.
But investors increasingly worry that such places cannot, in fact, afford to service their debts-each in a slightly different way.
Debts that looked manageable in the good times can suddenly loom much larger in the bad.
Stymied by the frozen credit markets, they were unable to roll over their debts.
Later generations would scramble to get their degrees and into the job market to repay their debts.
The foreign-exchange market there had all but seized up amid worries about debts, public finances and growth prospects.
Promise debts can be paid off at pennies on the dollar.
The reigning generation should pay their debts, but using the estate tax to make them do it is a bad idea.
New restrictions fall equally on medical and nonmedical bankruptcies, with no preferences for medical debts or sick debtors.
We have to decide which worries us more: the debts we're building up now or the steps we'd have to take to reduce our debts.
They've also used central bank reserves to pay their debts.
People formed relationships based on family ties, based on proximity, based on debts owed.
If you run through all your savings, bankruptcy will clear your debts, but it will not feed you.
No matter how carefully they budget, their debts will overwhelm them.
They can keep rolling over their debts indefinitely.
There are two kinds of bad debts, business bad debts and nonbusiness bad debts.

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