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While experts debate that question, they agree that more devastating tempests are headed our way.
The budget debate is turning into a deficit discussion.
The discussion produced no compromises-it was a debate, not a negotiation-but it was clarifying.
Other parts clearly need more consideration and debate.
In our view, however, this does not bar the consideration in public debate of thoughtful arguments whatever their source.
The stakes in the global-warming debate, however, could scarcely be higher.
The question of whether or not to drill fuels an ongoing debate.
Of course, what constitutes a healthy diet is a matter of debate.
Here in our debate-of-the-month you will find two differing points of view.
So debate all you want, anthropology is a science if you want it to be and it isn't if you don't want it to be so.
At heart, the Shakespeare debate is about more than missing records.
Spirited debates, questioning, intellectual pushing—these are hallmarks of academic life.
Almost every Senator participating in the debate registered a different interpretation of the paragraph.
But the debate discipline is also laden with skills necessary to business.
In the presidential debates I have always given points for anything new.
Parenting styles have been and always will be a subject of hot debate.
So much of the debate rests upon sauropod physiology that without a living animal to study the arguments will continue.
As a result, abolition had moved from the margins to the center of public debate.
We debate how best to provide these public services, not whether they should be provided at all.
In the wake of the crisis, a debate has raged over the impact of rising inequality.
But after the initial banter, the debate quickly took on a different look than its predecessors.
That's the question not enough people engaging in the housing policy debate are asking.
So it's good that people see the scientific debate here is messy and spirited and confusing and even sometimes a bit nasty.
It also comes five days before a proposed science debate that was canceled after the candidates refused to participate.
It may not be a hardcore geek debate, but there has been plenty of discourse.
Get ready for another round in the great tax debate.
The leaked list has renewed public debate over allegations of corruption in university admissions.
The resolutions are now open to debate and amendment.
But the public sensibility, and our own, has sharpened the spirit of inquiry and given an animation to the debate.
The previous question and the motions limiting or extending the limits of debate may be applied to it.
When a question is considered informally, the proceedings should be kept as usual, as the only informality is in the debate.
The resolution is again open to debate and amendment, as it has again become the immediately pending question.
The debate may continue in the absence of a quorum until some one raises the point while no one is speaking.
Therefore you shall see them find out pretty looses in the conclusion, but are no ways able to examine or debate matters.
Scientists dispute fossil's significance to the extinction debate.
New experiments are settling a century-long debate between two camps over how neurons communicate.
Since then debate has centered on whether it truly exists and, if it does, how it works.
Last year the publication of two studies that supported opposite conclusions fueled debate over the map's origins.
There is debate, however, over what determines how this strength changes.
Whether headache is initiated by the brain stem, by the cortex or by the subcortex remains an active debate.
The story of where modern humans came from has never been cut-and-dried, but two theories occupy the forefront of the debate.
The current debate over medical marijuana hinges on its use as pain medication.
For an airing of such divisions, all you need to do is review the debate on display at this week's conference on reliability.
Olcott admits that the discovery does not settle outright the debate.
The debate is complex and the stakes, not only for elephants, are high.
The breakthrough may one day quell the debate over stem cell research.
Now a new study of the fossil record fuels the debate about the cause of the creatures' fate.
Why humans ended up being more successful has long been a topic of debate.
There has been a long-standing debate about the origin of lunar surface features.
Whether the ancestors to modern snakes lost their limbs at sea or on land has been the subject of debate for over a century.
The great debate of human origins finally gets settled.
Most people think that the heart of the debate is whether the soul enters the embryo at conception.
Consider the debate over who should be credited as the inventor of calculus.
Not much to say except this is a hilarious production designed to draw attention to the fracking debate.
Public and government officials are led to believe that debate exists where there is none.
In true geologic style, the debate is moving slowly.
They have a seemingly insatiable desire to debate, sometimes quite aggressively.
However, there has been debate about whether these transplants actually integrate into the existing tissue.
Either way, sit back and watch an interesting and important debate unfold.
As the energy debate rages in political and scientific circles, investment in clean energy technologies continues to rise.
But scientists still vigorously debate whether that risk can be extrapolated down to even lower exposures.
Yet the amount of high-containment space that's needed is subject to debate.
In the future there won't be a debate about green versus non-green jobs.
Whether or not the subsidy was originally wise is for another debate.
The orbital-dynamics based definition represents only one view in this ongoing debate.
He was a big hitter in a debate all too often mired in emotionalism.
All the official debate is already published along with every piece of proposed legislation.
The first was in the debate over bank nationalization.
The second was in the debate over whether to propose further rounds of stimulus.
One challenge to academic freedom and open public debate has been beaten back.
The backdrop to these books is a vigorous debate among economists about whether aid promotes economic development.
But one need not enter a medical center to witness such a debate.
Among the intelligentsia all received notions of moral and social order became the subject of fierce debate.
Nonetheless, the aluminum tubes figured prominently in the debate.
The debate hasn't started yet, but the crowd is already restless.
Behind the debates over future policy is a debate over history-a debate over the causes of our current situation.
It's really not so different from this summer's protracted, miserable debt-ceiling debate.
The absurdities of the film highlight the more ludicrous overtones of the immigration debate.

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