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I'd like to blame the airport's poor signage for this debacle, and I do a little.
The more people who see this, the more it may prevent a future debacle.
Scammers began seizing on the debacle, marketing fake antivirus services.
I've read that the algae oil production systems are about as efficient as the corn ethanol debacle.
The story has a couple interesting details about some of the personnel involved in the debacle, but no startling revelations.
During the "Flashdance" debacle we heard a similar back and forth.
He once saved 10 baby apples from almost certain death in an apple farm debacle.
The full bill for the debacle has yet to be presented to the taxpayer, but it will be considerable.
Some academics say warnings of a farm labor debacle are exaggerated.
The truth is, human folly is at the bottom of the debacle, not the greed of a particular group.
Perhaps my skepticism of extraordinary claims is a result of the dark matter debacle.
But the invasion proved to be a debacle wrapped in a debacle, almost criminally flawed in its planning and execution.
Thankfully, my other conference interviews did more than enough to redeem that debacle.
Firing the leadership involved with this debacle is not enough.
The last flight was the final debacle thankfully, the folks made it back.
The violence and hatred unleashed were the defining debacle of the decade.
Indeed, the whole debacle has a tone of collegial prankishness turned sour.
In some cases, the number of people who claim to have seen a one-night-only debacle exceeds the capacity of the theatre.
The league deserves credit for the effort, especially given the largely overlooked debacle that it has encountered along the way.
But it is necessary at once to add that the socialist movement never recovered from this debacle.
The data from this debacle will inform the models of the future.
But, in the wake of the phone-hacking debacle, his immediate challenge is to make the public respect them.
If the carmakers' debacle helps to cool down an overheated market, so much the better.
Far more dangerous is the budget debacle looming later in the year.
The more that reporters air out this debacle, the better.
By the end of the day, we'd forgotten all about the lemon-basil debacle, and the skin on my fingertips was starting to grow back.
But second, this whole debacle is distracting researchers against looking for the real causes behind autism.
The climate debacle is a prime example, from the science and anti-science sides both.
It's a decadelong health care budget debacle that keeps getting more expensive for taxpayers.
For about a year now, we've been hearing that commercial real estate is the next shoe to drop, the next big financial debacle.
The ramifications of this housing and credit debacle now look far worse than previously expected.

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