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Example sentences for dearly

He was well known and treasured in his hometown, and will be missed dearly.
Every state needs to take action to protect its citizens from something that is costing them dearly in every way.
Your wit, intellect and humor will be dearly missed.
It sounds as though these people realized they made a mistake and that he was dearly loved.
They're right to an extent, but the backside pays dearly for this action when your dog won't respond to this procedure.
Within the world of those who take play seriously, there are multiple camps, each with its own dearly held tenets.
Most people never make this critical shift, and it can cost them dearly.
The image of the one true friend, a soul mate rare to find but dearly beloved, has completely disappeared from our culture.
We make difficult decisions in a climate where libraries are forced to go without materials they dearly need and desire.
He will be dearly missed and a tough act for anyone to follow.
Politicians who try to make a difference pay dearly.
His decision to leave details to others has also cost him dearly.
It has paid dearly for its entry ticket, but the rewards could be commensurate.
After all, too much testosterone in the current spate of mergers could cost shareholders dearly.
Employees dress in the clothes of the dearly departed, carry on their hobbies and learn the proper turns of phrase.
Peace and a well-built house cannot be bought too dearly.
There was also in the emperor's palace a gentle knight that loved dearly this lady.
Dearly as he loved to talk, he could not enjoy nor shine in a conversation when he thought himself unsuitably dressed.
She literally wore herself out in her never ceasing efforts in behalf of the work that she so dearly loved.
The enemy made several desperate attempts to dislodge us, all of which were unsuccessful, and for which he paid dearly.
And though he was aware that it would cost him dearly, he never wavered.
But for any of you to read that article would cost you dearly.
We can make is work but it is going to cost us dearly.
The university's actions only strengthened his resolve, but he has paid dearly for his obstinacy.
The evening is spent awaiting the return of their dearly departed.
What they have not found is the thing they dearly seek: a planetary system that meets two crucial conditions for supporting life.
They need to be open to the truth even if it might go against their dearly held beliefs.
When dearly held symbols are derided, owners of such symbols may react any which way.
When your ideas are based on dogma and dearly held beliefs, you can't accept the possibility they might be wrong.
Either you believe in the supernatural effect of this gesture-and then you should dearly wish for it.
Inaction on these agreements has cost us dearly in lost exports and lost jobs.
Alvin was buried near the entrance to the cave he loved so dearly.
The editor paid dearly for letting the truth be told.
So my apologies to colleagues, dearly-loved friends, and others who would appreciate a response to your email.

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