dearest in a sentence

Example sentences for dearest

My dearest friend had asked me to write a suicide prevention number and put it into my wallet.
Get a closer look at our closest and dearest star-the sun.
Joe was one of my best and dearest friends during the past six years.
There is one low, leaning heart-shaped globe left and dearest, can you.
In local-currency terms, the average price of a hotel room in each of the ten dearest countries dropped.
My dearest friend in grad school did the exact opposite.
You, dearest sir, confuse the medium and the message.
We are deeply saddened by the loss of our dearest friend.
Indeed, all of my visions for the future included him, for he was my dearest friend.

Famous quotes containing the word dearest

Of all the flavors one eats, salt is indispensable; wherever one goes in the world, one's mother is dearest... more
My darling girl, Unfortunately this earth is not ... a fairy- land, but a struggle for life, perfectly natural and there... more
The welcome house of him my dearest guest. Where ever, ever stay, and go not thence, Till natures sad decre... more
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